Been a student it was not really easy to be giving out to others, most especially they that would always come to ask for more. There were people who believe they never had but kept on taking from others, It was hard to stay which such people because you keep been mindful of your things but our verse today is trying to teach us something different.

Giving is an act that can be cultivated or groomed to become habitual. When one becomes a habitual giver, it will be had to hide even your last cup of water from others, that’s the kind of life Christ wants us to exhibit, Just like the Zarepheth woman in 1Kings: 17 vs. 12.

There is much to earn and live from the giving side. The giving hands is always on top and there is much Joy when you give cheerfully. It is not easy to live and maintain this kind of life without Christ Jesus. One can start and stop on the way if there is not enough grace to back you up. It’s a fruit/gift we have to pray in (Luke: 6 vs. 38).

Many don’t wait long in turning down the request of others, it pains the other even though they don’t show it at times, you can always share the little you have (Remember the 5 loaves and 2 fishes). The life of a giver is selfless, a life that places others first. It was the kind of life Jesus lived here on earth that was why he gave His life even though it was not easy for Him (Matthew: 26 vs. 39, 26 vs. 42).

According to John: 15 vs 13, Christ would want us to act in such a way towards our brethren each day of our life, try to lay down something for another. It may not be your life, it can be your time, money, resources, advice, prayer, etc, its not easy but it shall be rewarded.

Are you still hoarding your lifestyle in secrecy, you don’t want to give out because you are still hiding or enjoying that sin, lay that sin at the feet of Christ, give it out, desist from it and receive the free gift of salvation to impacf into your word. Christ is waiting for you to give him all your troubles, sorrows, pains, unbelieve, inquity, sicknesses and diseases. Do not reject this offer give him your life and receive the freedom to give to others because you can’t give what you don’t have.

ACTIVITY: What can you lay for another? Start acting on it.

PRAYER POINTS: ‘Lord you laid your life for me that I would be a saint today, help me to practice this same act of giving towards others, help me to be selfless and release all for the propagation of your kingdom. I receive the grace to live the life of a giver in Jesus mighty name amen.

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