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Growing up with a strict mother who was a disciplinarian, the act of talking much was being curbed at an early stage. Whenever my mum and her sisters are discussing just pretend you are not listening or you are busy unless you will receive a rebuke that you didn’t bargain for.

When being cautioned or rebuked you are to keep quiet and listen, you are to accept every rebuke wheather you are at fault or not, you are not to utter any word unless you will receive a hot slap from it, it was that bad attimes.

This training really affected me in the sense that at times I may have something to say but would rather keep to myself, even in class when questions were being asked I won’t raise my hand unless the teacher points at me.

Well why I had to narrate this experience is that it made me to be more of a quiet person and when you don’t have anyone to talk with, you end up talking to yourself and to God.

Many of us may have been raised in free environment where you are allowed to speak anyhow, dress anyhow, these attimes make most people wild and some don’t think before speaking.

I know its in our nature as women to talk more and most of the time we judge unknownly and curse harm to others.

James: 3 vs. 2 says if any man offend not in word the same is a perfect man and able to bridle the body. The taming of the tongue can’t be done with natural power, it takes getting close to God to get the grace to speak without hurting. It also takes:👇

MEEK AND QUIET SPIRIT: The first time I understood this scripture 1Peter: 3 vs. 4, it really made me feel relax in the quiet style I have chosen to live, why? Because it is a great price before God.

I have always been a quiet person that admire the noisy friends around me, doing my senior years in the secondary school I wanted to change, you know when the adolescent stage is at its peak. I wanted to know how it feels to be noisy and free to do anything you want but I couldn’t last long in that lifestyle because is not what God wanted of me.
Wheather you have it in your nature to be meek and quiet or not you need it as a woman especially a Christain.

You may be physically quiet but yet don’t have the meek and quiet spirit because your soul is burdened and troubled over many things. You on the other hand may be the opposite but you have a quiet Spirit.

You can’t expect the Holyspirit to minister to you when you keep on talking, you are uncoordinated or disorganized. How can God relate to you when you are not quiet enough to hear him out?

You conquer many battles living a quiet life than a life of gossip.

What it takes to get a meek and quiet spirit includes:
1. Peace within yourself, with God and with man

2. Contentment.

3. Humbleness of mind and soul.

4. Self-discipline

5. Renewing your mind daily with God’s words. (Romans: 12 vs. 1-2).

6. Learning how to speak good words.

7. Always speak to yourself before speaking to others.

8. Don’t speak when angry. keep quiet, allow your mind to settle before giving an answer.

YOUR TONGUE: As purpose driven individuals our tongue is of vital importance. Your words matter more to the next person close to you.

Our words should:
1. Speak forth wisdom (Proverb: 10 vs. 31)

2. Be as choiced silver, something to be preferred, wanted (Proverb: 10 vs. 20)

3. Health- your words should bring healing to a wounded soul (Prob: 12 vs. 13)

4. Knowledge- let people seek to hear you speak because they will always learn something (Proverb: 15 vs. 2).

5. Life: Don’t speak to kill ‘Aah let me tell her my mind, she can go to hell for all I care”, we say that attimes when hurt, not minding the consequences. A soul that is driven don’t retaliate with words to kill. (Proverb: 15 vs. 4).

6. Softness: This doesn’t mean you won’t rebuke when necessary but you can make your comments or say your words void of any harshness. (Proverb: 25 vs. 15)

7. Kindness: Avoid sarcastic words, insulting or condemning words. Let kindness be felt through your words (Proverb: 31 vs. 16).

8. Let your words minister GRACE unto others (Ephesians: 4 vs. 21).

I pray we receive the grace to minister the above unto everyone we meet on daily basis in Jesus Name amen.

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