Maybe you’d love me too

Maybe you'd love me too

I wish I could tell you how I felt 

How when I see you my heart melts

There’s so much I wish you knew 

Like how much I want to stand with you and say I do

You’re always with the one you love 

What I’d give for that one to be me

Because you’re hers and she’s yours

And that’s all I really want to be

You touch her the way I want to be touched 

You love her the way I want to be loved

Maybe it’s that I’m just not good enough

When you pass by I can’t help but stare

Though I try so hard to not care

To pretend like my heart’s not broken 

Because I’m not the one you’ve chosen 

Your heart belongs to another 

Yet I still love you

And if I looked, talked and smelt like her

Then maybe you’d love me too

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