Nowhere to Run

I knew the devastation would be long term,

So in my rejection, i tried to be bold and firm.

But I had already been marked,
By my charisma, their fire had been sparked.

They said I’d be like a butchered cow,
If by nightfall, to the axe I do not bow.

They said they’d rape her,
Oh my sweet little sister.

Why is life being unfair to me?
Would I leave her behind and travel oversea?

I’ve never been so confused all my life,
I wonder if I should use the kitchen knife.

For then I’d have sealed my sister’s fate.
And served her on a golden plate.

I cried for my decision from dusk to dawn,
For I had nowhere to run.


With brine stained checks, I accepted it.
I signed a deal with the devil with his pen of heat.

They scornfully watch me in my despair
Because, they believed I was beyond repair

They spat disdainful words to me like fire
And in fear, they made me cower.

Their words showed that they wanted to break me
However, I was already broken and shattered for all to see.

The reasons behind my choices, were unknown to them
For they believed when I told them I was in my own realm.

Looking back at my past
Telling them about it, would only make them aghast.

I reached a conclusion,
That I would go through the initiation.

I cried for my decision from dusk to dawn,
For I had nowhere to run.


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