Who would rescue me from this hell__
I walked into of my own free will?
Whose fault I can not tell
Yet I face it still
This turmoil in my head__
Drives me crazy on my bed
Oh you! My other half
Would you make me hold death’s staff
Or allow she who gave birth to me?
Tell me now, what it would be__
If your complains made me sleep eternally.

You claim she’s bad,
She causes you pain,
In ways even you cannot explain.
She makes you angry, cranky and sad
But you smiled and were happy
When i made her my wife
Wished us both a happy life
Why then do you hate her so badly__
That you stab her with your words
When she screams, my head is on fire

She birthed my boys,
You’re old and grey.
In my head, a loud noise,
That distracts me when I pray
Oh wife! Oh mother!
Should I leave and not bother
Should I run far away?
And find a quiet place to stay?
For I cannot by any means choose
To neglect the one for the other
You both are necessary evils

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