Is normal for every leaving soul to be ill, after noticing this illness in body ,drug which serve as cure will be prescribed by the medical professionals. But there are some drugs illegal drugs that don’t serve as cure but damage the body system (heroine, cocaine e.t.c).According to oxford learning Dictionary define drugs as a substance used as a medicine for caring illness.Drugs is also any chemical substance that change the functions of the body .But not all drugs are medicine there are some illegal drugs which as has a great effect on their future dream .Dream is a vision of what some want to become in future. Everyone normally dream higher to become great in future but most youths damage their dream when they become addicted with drugs abused.
The drugs( heroine ,cocaine e.t.c) are not to be used in medical treatment unscrupulous produce and sell at huge profit. There are some factors that lead youths to drugs.
Susan Cheever say “Addiction isn’t about substance,you aren’t addicted to the substance , you are addicted to the alteration mood that the substance bring” they engage in abusing drugs in other to conquer anxiety ,they think it will flow away sorrow.They also belief that being drugs addicted will change their mood from bad to good mood and get away their anxiety.
Secondly most youths engage in drugs abusing in other to boost their stimulant to become strong ,proud and brave. They get them addicted to drug due to the activities they engage in they want people to be know as popular person. Jon kabat- Zinn said “All suffering ,stress and addiction come from not realizing you already what you are looking for” most youths fail to realized that their potential to win the race and become champion without addicted o drugs used which will later kill the talent in them.
Another causes of drugs abused among youths is they develop the habit of addicted when moving with bad peer group .They became addicted with drugs when their peer told them how he /she usually feel when taking the drugs to overcome stress and be powerful. Be addicted with this have greatly affect a person livehood and this can lead to problematic for youths because the area in the brains that control decision making ,judgment and self control developing may be prone to risky behavior which leads to death.
Drug abuse among the youths has great effect when their addicted reach depdency stage which is the most dangerous stage in drug abusing. At this stage they give out bad of our,damage of brain which result to poor memory and also the reduce the level of concentration in studies.
Can drug abuse be prevent among the youth? The answer is yes,because there no problem without solution. Their are various ways in which it can control,despite being aware of these harmful of drug abuse some youths still get addicted to drugs
Firstly, government should create prevention programs that will involve families, school,communities and media to educate and outreach the possible risk of drugs abused. Teacher ,parents and health care providers also have crucial roles in education young people in preventing drug addiction.
Secondly, Parents or guardians should discuss ways to resist peer pressure, let them knows that friends that introduced using of drugs are not the type to be moving with. They should also educate them the important of attaining their dream and drugs abused can kill the dream in them . youths should knows that if they want to be Future champion they must be drugs free.
Lastly, government should put into law higher punishment for the producer and retailer of these hard drugs .Also the government should empower and train the law enforcement to get rid of drugs abusers from our society dig NDLA in Nigeria.
Every youths should knows that their future dream of what they want to become lie in them ,so they should be drugs free not to serves as agent of dream damage.

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  1. It’s a fair and sprited attempt. However, you need to work on your mechanical accuracy and diction. Try to read more books, take courses, build your grammar base. It would help. The mechanical accuracy affected your ideas and your overall structure. I’d give 12 over 25. Don’t stop writing !

  2. Was really looking forward to your work Moshood.
    My first comment is on your profile. There are a number of grammatical errors which should not be there if you’d applied the lessons learnt from Mr Yusuf Akinpelu’s diction class.

    Coming down to your essay proper, I’d say that while it was a spirited attempt, it still lacked the essentials of a creative essay. You really didn’t paint a picture of the scourge of drug abuse. That would have been very key in getting your message across.
    I’d say you merit a 9/25.

    In addition, please please pay attention to your mechanical accuracy. The first word of your essay was an error. I believe you meant to say “it’s” which is the contracted form of “it is”.

    Don’t be discouraged though. You would shock the world with your writing some day. Just keep on practicing.

  3. Of 25, you have 11.

    You can do more by watching how you use capital letters and punctuation generally.

    Good luck.

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