POLITICS: The Nigerian Democracy,  painted Anarchy

POLITICS: The Nigerian Democracy,  painted Anarchy

POLITICS: The Nigerian Democracy,  painted Anarchy


As an old important adage would say, ‘The long gone lie would be meet and surpassed by the truth one day’ and also the adage ‘Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner’. Many Nigerians have forsaken the truth and have chosen the false path.


In the early years of democracy, the Democracy had been defined as ‘a system of government whereby the citizens or members of the society select representatives to be in power of governance of the state so as to be the face of all’ and by The former U.S President Abraham Lincoln as, ‘The government of the people by the people and for the people’, but what we have found in the current generation of Nigeria is never to be called the proclaimed democracy.


Rather, it is a government whereby the people above believes to be dictators and that they only do what they feel is right. Also that it is not for the law to query them. Which has led to the rise of insurgencies and activities against the law and this can be termed as nothing but “Anarchy”


Moreover, it is not yet over and until it is over as my father would always say. Our leaders needs to see the fact that it is not just starting now but this happenings are results of gone fathers and past administrations. What we need to think about how not to make the generations coming to live in the concursion of Aristocracy and Dictatorship.

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  1. It’s not a bad one, but you have some work to do. You need to work on your mechanical accuracy and arrangement of ideas. You can start by reading other writers. I’d say 10 out of 25

  2. Perhaps because of the length, I really couldn’t get the message of your essay.
    That being said, I feel there’s still a lot you need to work on. Your mechanical accuracy needs a lot of work. And I really couldn’t see the elements of creativity. But like I said, this could be down to the length.
    I give this an 8/25 with regard to creativity.

    As a side note, Google the name Feyi Fawehinmi and read some of his articles on Medium. You may pick up one or two things from him.

  3. Of 25, you have 13.

    Fair attempt from you. But you need more consistency with writing practices. You have the stuff in you.

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