The Lock down

The Lock down

    It all began with a feeling that the New Year was going to bring good fortunes for Femi and his friends after ending the previous year on a good note. Femi started the New Year with a salary raise from his boss who could not get over the fact that he had been outstanding all year and had already out done himself even before the New Year kicked off in full flight. As usual, Femi went out with friends to celebrate at their normal joint for a couple of drinks and if possible, get some ladies to warm their beds for the night. Femi stayed in a 3 bedroom flat alone and that was because of his love for space and privacy. He was a lover of company, the good life, and women also he was fun to be around but he always loved his privacy. Life was good and things seemed to work out for Femi and even with the slightest touch of things, everything he did came out well. 

    But it seemed life had other plans for the New Year and it started to show on the 27 February 2020 when the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed. Covid-19 was a virus which could be transmitted from person to person. When an infected person talks or coughs, the person 6 feet from the infected person would most likely be affected because it was airborne. Immediately, Nose masks, Face masks, social distancing and sanitizers were made compulsory and would be followed to avoid the spread of this deadly virus which was spreading at a very fast rate. Despite the preventive measures, the virus kept spreading like a wild fire and so, a lock down was initiated and everyone remained indoors while scientists tried to find a vaccine which could cure the dreadful virus.

     While this was going on, companies, schools, malls, recreational parks and so much more began to shut down so as to comply with the lock down rules. Femi’s company was heavily affected and so many staffs were asked to work from home while others were laid off. At first it was fun and people spent most of their time watching TV for updates and using social media apps more. Femi remained indoors and continued working hard as usual or drinking when he was not watching movies on NETFLIX. He was always video calling his friends and chatting them up but it was not the same as seeing them in person. Femi’s company had to slash down the salary of the staffs so as to cope with the recession the economy had gone into due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Everyone was now complaining that they could not cope any longer due to the fact that hunger and lack of money had taken over. Femi was not heavily affected because he had a good savings habit. He took it upon himself to order for foodstuffs and share to his neighbors who had families and were in dire need of them.

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