Has COVID -19 Changed Our Lifestyle and Relationship ?

Has COVID -19 Changed Our Lifestyle and Relationship ?

BY: Gladwell M

Have you ever thought of how you will care that much about your health compared to the lifestyle we are living and the relationship we have around us? The year 2020 did its part to show us what it takes to be more conscious about our day to day living.

Everyone had that perspective that 2020 will be a great year compared to 2019; well, there was this energy vibe that people had that it will be a year of success and a world-changing year. But all this was just our perspective and how we wanted it to go. We had no idea something even bigger was coming to us.

The world went from being a normal way of living to a Dead end of living. This was the most horrifying moments in the whole world. It was something that no one was familiar about, ready or heard it before. No one had ever gone through it before, but we won’t go through it again. COVID -19 pandemic has turned our lives today and will change everything as we go on. We used to see our lives normal just eating without washing our hands, touching things without washing our hands, not bathing for days and many more.

This day we are now caring about our health, and we are now eating foods like fruits, vegetables, natural foods and taking Natural herbal teas, which will protect us from the COVID -19. Also maintaining our Weight too became a big issue for our lifestyle.

People who were always busy in their day to day schedule like Working class, Students, Teachers, the media workers, Small business owners, sales workers, Transportation workers and Health care workers. Now they are getting time to search for themselves, creating new interests and hobbies like painting, music, art, dancing, cooking, baking and many other things.

Also, our parents were always busy with work the whole day and sleep without having a conversation at night. They are now spending more time with their children and family and also spending time with each other exploring love and also learning about themselves again.

Remember the time when we use to join hands saying hello or as Indian say Namaste to all. That old greeting is back. From staying positive to stay negative, from ages we were advised to always stay positive, and everything will turn positive. Now that statement has changed to be negative but in the test case of COVID. Staying positive nowadays is a very difficult task where people are no more safe and you can’t trust anyone even your own Family or colleges.

The COVID -19 lockdown may have an unfavorable effect on many relationships. We can see from the recent research that the instance of Domestic violence, rape, Depression, Divorce, Mental health, abuse and many more, have affected relationships.

But being positive and testing Negative it is also important to recognize that COVID-19 lockdown may have helped to strengthen some relationships and build new ones. It may have been an individual who was away a lot with work and during the lockdown, they have to spend quality time with their family at home and bonding.

With lockdown measures easing and life  returning to a new normal, it raises the question. Whether these personal relationships can be maintained in the same way as they were during a lockdown? When we all start working away again will there be time for the family bonding that they had during a lockdown? Will there be free interaction we used to have before?  It is fascinating to consider how these relationships may be extraordinary in moving forwards. 

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