Covid-19: An overview of a health nightmare

Covid-19: An overview of a health nightmare

Covid-19: an Overview of a Health Nightmare

If there’s a novelist with a great imagination wrote a novel before 2020 about a deadly virus kills more than a million people and force the people to stay in their homes, we would categorize it in Sci-Fi category, not knowing that it’s the sad truth about what happens right now around the world.

Since December 2019, the whole planet lives in a true nightmare, collected more than one million souls, and infected more than 60 million people and the counter is still on, it’s the Coronavirus or Covid-19.

It’s all started in China, especially in Wuhan city, when strange signs and symptoms appeared on a man and then transmitted to many people till it reached the whole world except Antarctica, which prompted the World Health Organization to declare it a global pandemic in March of this year.

In this article, I would introduce this deadly virus, regarding a pure health point of view:

What’s Covid-19?

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a wide family of viruses that cause diseases such as extreme acute respiratory syndrome, ranging from the common cold to more serious diseases (SARS-CoV).

COVID-19- This is the name for the coronavirus-induced disease declared last February by the World Health Organization. For coronavirus disease in 2019, this is simply short.

How can Covid-19 transmit?

Transmission occurs mainly between people who are expelled when an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks, or sings, through direct, indirect, or near contact with infected people through infected secretions such as saliva and respiratory secretions, or through their respiratory droplets.

What are the signs and symptoms of Covid-19?

Covid-19 can affect multiple systems so its signs and symptoms are diverse. Common signs and symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Cough

Other symptoms can include:

  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Runny nose
  • Muscle aches
  • Headache
  • Chest pain

Signs and symptoms of Covid-19 may range from mild to severe, also some patients may have few symptoms and some may have no symptoms at all. The risk of Covid-19 increases with age and with the presence of some medical conditions such as serious heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

Two kinds of tests are available for COVID-19:

  • A viral test tells you if the patient has a current infection.
  • An antibody test might detect if the patient had a past infection.

But not all people need to be tested for Covid-19, only the following conditions:

  • People who have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People who have had close contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19.
  • People who have been asked or referred to get testing by their healthcare provider.

How can Covid-19 be treated?

There’s actually no treatment available for COVID-19. Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections such as COVID-19, but an antiviral drug remdesivir has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized adults and children aged 12 and older in the hospital and a number of alternative therapies are currently being tested by researchers.

What are the required percussions to be protected from Covid-19?

  • Maintenance of a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Cleaning hands often with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Wearing a mask
  • Covering nose and mouth with the bent elbow or a tissue when one coughs or sneezes.
  • Avoiding touching the eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • If there’re fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, the patient must seek medical attention.
  • Staying home if feeling unwell.

Covid 19: a great challenge for healthcare systems

All around the world, the outbreak of Covid-19 is considered a great challenge for all the healthcare systems, due to the huge number of patients compared to the number of hospitals and healthcare members, and the absence of absolute treatment and vaccines for this viral situation.

No one can forget the pictures of healthcare staff who were running to save the patients’ lives, and we will never forget all the persons who sacrificed their lives to save other people’s lives, praying this nightmare will finish soon, and the world gets well soon.

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