The Visit

The Visit

Eight forty-five pm.

I rose from the dining chair and ran upstairs, ignoring mother’s loud objections, skipping two steps until I got to the solitude of my room, locking the door behind me. The sharp inhale from my lungs can be heard in the empty, quiet room as my feet strode towards the window.

The lights were on.

All through my childhood, I heard stories of the mysterious house down the lake, rumors that it swallowed up people; children, adults even animals whenever they got too near. A lot of accidents were reported at the lake close to the house which made the myths believable. Everyone steered clear including my family even though the house was directly in front of ours, just a huge palm tree obstructed our view.

But from my window, I could see a glimpse of the house, the brown roof, and the little window that comes in sight whenever the branches of the palm tree swayed right. It was more visible whenever the lights came on.

It illuminated everywhere, marching all the way to our front porch, the lake also looked beautiful from the glimmer of light shone on the surface of the water, appearing greener and more alive.

I enjoyed the sight, but that wasn’t the reason why I always bolted to my room.

A glassy reflection shone in my face, all the way from the little window, like the reflection of light rays striking a mirror, instantly seizing my attention. Whenever the lights came on, a form appeared at the window, human-like, boy-like, I think. It just stayed glued to the window, still. Almost lifeless. The palm trees would sway all over the place from the wind, obstructing my view but the form never shifted.

It became a daily ritual.

Sometimes, it seemed like it…he was watching me too but I buried such thoughts at the back of my head since it sent icy chills down my spine whenever I thought of the possibility. But sometimes he appeared in my dreams, so vivid that I woke up drenched in sweat. The dreams didn’t scare me…maybe a little but it only piqued my curiosity and it came on days when I felt the most pain.

The lights turned off again which meant five minutes was up.

I heaved a sigh in frustration, those five minutes were the highlights of my day, a special gift for me and I could never get used to the thrill. Every single day, I ran like my life depended on it or stayed glued to the window when not needed downstairs. It took my mind away from the growing hole in my heart. Sometimes I believed it was God’s gift to me through my pain.

But it wasn’t enough.

That’s why I was going to do what no one has ever dared to do first thing tomorrow morning.

Go for a visit.

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