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The next words after that title is not everybody be criminal, rather everybody be seeing us.

Esteemed readers, but for the thirst for an insurmountable success – the ultimate goal – many start-ups would have ended before even starting. We want you to know our throat is filled with this thirst of satisfying our customers, while we create something iconic. So, fear not, we are here till forever, letting your ideas define you.

Over the past month, our start-up vehicle towed the path of development, as expected. We have been able to align with the goals set at the beginning of September, and in fact, we shot beyond our imagination.



Sequel to the ever increasing level of traffic received on our website, there rose a need to upgrade the website to accommodate the new set of people seeking to see what it is we do, after all, we asked for their patronage. So, we optimised the website for speed, and minified HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make the website faster. Now, many people can conveniently manoeuvre their way around the website while feeding their thoughts, and enriching their minds with our contents and services. Through this, we have been able to augment our ease of accessibility.


“If you do not like a story, you write yours”

– Chinua Achebe

We co-produced MONUS anthology. For so long, we have been a partner on this profound project called MONUS. The acronym stands for the Memoir of Nigerian University Students, where students were given a platform to tell their heart-rending, life-changing, and didactic stories. We received over 400 entries; however, we could not make all see the light of the day, so the stories went through a group of editors who selected the best of the best. So far so good, we have received over 500 downloads (and counting) which goes to show the level of appreciation and patronage people exhibited towards this project. The anthology was made available for purchase at #150 only and for free downloads using the COUPON CODE MONUS1102018. However, certain individuals went as far as paying the required sum for the purchase. We duly appreciate it, and in fact, all proceeds of sales, go to the charity, as initially agreed. The anthology is still available for downloads on Tell!, and Okadabooks & it would soon be available on Amazon. And just so you know, we are already on the set of our next anthology which borders on a very sensitive contemporary topic. With this anthologies we hope to incite actions and meaningful conversations about topics that matter!


Many view writing as just what you do for the community. But stories are not written by robots.

– Habeeb Asudemade

We – Tell! – are a community that understands that quality writing deserves to be remunerated. About two months ago, we announced a call for internship applications at Tell!. Although we know that what we are doing is impacting the society, and of quality rating, we never really expected the number of applications we received. I mean, people hardly give much regard to writing. However, to our ultimate surprise, we got exactly 421 applications from different writers. “Lol, na dem they rush us right?” .

To that end, we subjected them to a number of screening processes – based on merit – which ultimately sieved out 3 out of all writers that applied. Our new interns are Modupe Abidakun, Olanrewaju Moses & Michelle Adesina. Since then, these amazing writers cum interns have been saddled with the duty of supplying the site with top-notch stories, articles, and all other forms of writes-up.


“Starting strong is good, finishing strong is epic”

– Robin Sharma

As we earlier announced in our last story, the company got herself into the renowned Y-Combinator’s Start-up School, at Silicon Valley – a college with an acceptance rate lower than that of Harvard. We have since then kept up with the classes, and manifested the lessons taught in our startup, much as we have applied them to our business model. We have had to take these classes online, due to our unavailability at California, and even at that, it has been efficient. If not anything, we have learnt a great deal on what it takes for a start-up to thrive in the contemporary world, and like it is said, knowledge makes man unfit to be a slave. So, clearly, the start-up school has done well in evolving us into a master of our own trade. The start-up school takes her lessons per week, and expects start-ups to apply the knowledge on their company, and to this, we say check.


Perhaps we do not need to publicly announce that things are getting better, but it is not too bad to let you in on a tad. Sequel our activities, consistency and ultimate goal, we have received calls from certain individuals who see reasoning and future in this start-up of ours, and we have had to reach certain agreements for the greater good of this space.


We have now developed an e-book store, which allows for sale and purchase of e-books online. As such, just like all other avenues – okadabooks et al – you can now publish your books on Tell! and have it accessed by interested customers who wish to purchase. Considering our patronage level, you stand a chance of getting a wide range of customers, and our deal, is in fact, fairer than other e-book platforms. Our CTO, Toheeb Ojuolape is still working on this new amazing feature. We will surely let you know when its ready.

Also, asides from a faster website which allows you have a good flow surfing on our space, we have also been able to make the site more fascinating with our floating access button. You can see it bouncing gleefully on the bottom  right there, begging you to click it 😊. We would be using this button to roll out new, amazing features,so click it often!


We keenly look forward to growing at an unstoppable pace along with you, our esteemed readers. Also, we would like you to anticipate our next anthology, and watch out for sime fascinating features coming soon to our website.

We’re not yet where we wish to be yet, and the journey isn’t getting any easier, but one thing is for certain: We’re never Giving Up on our Dream.

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