Most of us go through similar paths in life, first our parents give birth to us, then they take care of us until we’re ready to go to school, thereafter we try to find a way to build ourselves a good life, if we’re lucky enough, we get married, have kids, grow old and then we eventually die. Throughout this journey, we learn a few things from our parents and from school which help us encounter some challenges yet there are still a lot of things that should’ve been taught to us in school but weren’t.

1. Dating and relationships

Dating is a lifelong thing that is not taught in schools yet people will expect you to pick the right partner one day. We exist in an era that relies too much on social media even for dating. It’s never good enough to meet someone online because the person might be a completely different person in reality. It’s quite a problem because we have no idea what we should do when we’re finally ready to date or take things to the next level. Relationships are definitely not easy, perhaps some relationships would work out if only we were taught the right skills we need to grow and maintain our relationships.

2.How to make friends and be more sociable

There seriously needs to be a curriculum that teaches people how to connect and network with other people. At school, teachers usually put a bunch of kids in the same class and leave them to figure it out. But it gets a bit tricky once we get older, have you ever noticed how difficult it is to make new friends and socialize especially during your first year at University? Maybe it would be easier to make friends if only we were taught the necessary techniques we need in order to socialize and make new friends.
 3. A basic understanding of cooking

It is really funny how by the time we complete matric and move onto university, we are expected to be completely independent because we have to cook, clean, wash, and more for ourselves when we get to university. Our parents may teach us how to cook but schools should also play a role and teach us about nutrition. Nutrition is important for our bodies and we are quite likely to eat unhealthy if we know nothing about nutrition and cooking.

4.How to take care of yourself and home maintenance

It is very important for us to learn how to take care of ourselves and others so that everyone is in safe hands. For instance, most people don’t have basic knowledge on CPR, treating a wound, or how medicine works. This could literally save people’s lives, especially if we have friends or roommates who perhaps have epileptic attacks and we know exactly what to do when they collapse.

5.Digital and Personal Etiquette

We spend so much time online, yet no one really teaches us about the digital world we exist in. We upload content that is online 24 hours everyday and accessible for everyone to see. Most of us don’t know how data is used and what information we can upload or keep private. Sometimes we tend to give away too much information about ourselves which is very dangerous. Some people will go through our digital profiles, just to get a better understanding of our personality and who we are. Your online presence is the cover of the book that is you, and people are judging you based on it!

6.Time management & discipline

It is known that high-school and university students are very good at wasting time and procrastinating, and it this behavior doesn’t just end here if you were once a “procrastinator” chances are that you will always be one, and most of it is due to a poor educational system. Schools should take the role of teaching us how to discipline our minds and actions. Self-discipline is a very essential skill that is necessary to grant us a successful and happy life

6. Sexual Education

There is a lack of proper sexual education in schools, and most schools leave students to figure it out for themselves. In most cases, teachers are not comfortable with talking about sex to students because it’s either embarrassing, or sex conversations are taboo to them. Students are left in the dark and need to learn about sexual education and parenting because we will eventually have sex and become parents someday. 

7. Parenting

Parenting is an important aspect, which we should be prepared for by having adequate knowledge about it so that we can be the best parents to our children. Today, we become parents at a young age and we only start learning about parenting once the child is born. Schools should serve as a guiding light and teach students how to raise children, this willing lead to a better future and societies.

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