ACRIMONY: how I wish it ended

ACRIMONY: how I wish it ended

I think Acrimony is one of Tyler Perry’s best movies by far. I particularly enjoyed this movie because it portrays a message that people can really relate to. Acrimony shows real-life problems that most people go through. The movie is about a young lady, Melinda, who at a young age, falls in love with a young man, Robert. These college sweethearts end up getting married and are committed to spending the rest of their lives together. Melinda was just a young lady who was deeply in love and she would do absolutely anything for Robert. Melinda inherits a house and some money from her mother who unfortunately passed on when she was still in college. Melinda’s whole family is against her relationship with Robert, no one seems to like him, but just like any other girl who is deeply in love, she pays no attention to them.Image result for acrimony

She ends up paying for his scholarship and selling the house in order to help Robert start his battery business. At times Robert cheats on her, which adds more fuel to her sisters’ hatred for him. Many years go by and nothing has changed, Robert is still struggling with his business and Melinda is still the breadwinner. Her hopes about the success of her husbands’ battery business begin to shatter and she now listens to her sisters who tell her that her husband is a bad man.

Shortly after Melinda leaves him, Robert meets a woman who believes in his dreams and offers him a job he has been waiting for all his life. Robert falls for her and eventually, they get married. His business finally strives and he gives her everything he had promised to give Melinda. This leaves her depressed, all she wants is to seek revenge for everything she had done for him.Image result for acrimony

This movie really gives viewers a lesson to hold on through difficult times and never give up on their partners because things shall surely get better again. Robert had a dream that finally came true after Melinda dumped him. If only she was patient enough with him, and if she didn’t allow her sister’s bad talk about her husband to get to her head, then she would have lived a happy life with her husband. In reality, she just didn’t believe the battery will become successful. Unfortunately, she had to suffer from many negative emotions just because she didn’t hang around through hard times and had disbelief of her husband.

I think the ending of the movie is a bit over-exaggerated and unrealistic. The movie ends with a scene in which, Robert and his new wife are out cruising on a ship he had promised to get for Melinda. Melinda stalks the couple on social media and follows them to the ship where she attacks Robert who is left alone on the ship’s balcony, while his wife is running her bath. At this point, it became quite obvious to me that someone was going to die, but the film would have been more realistic if Melinda went after “the new wife” instead of Robert.Image result for acrimony melinda death

Towards the end of the scene, Melinda hardly attacks Robert’s new wife, it is Robert she’s after, which makes it quite obvious that this could be the last scene of the movie. As a viewer, I couldn’t help but think to myself, if Melinda kills Robert then that will be the end because what else could she possibly fight for if the man she wanted is dead?

In real life, whenever a man cheats on his woman, or perhaps like Melinda’s case when a man that was once yours marries another woman instead of you, you are most likely to go after the woman in an attempt to get rid of her so that you can get your man back. Perhaps the movie would’ve been more interesting if it ended like that, Melinda should have died in attempt to kill her husband’s new wife.

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