Marriage is a wonderful thing, yet it is constantly changing. The marriages we see today are nothing like the ones of our parents or grandparents. Famous individuals on social media play quite a huge role in influencing people to get married. They make people envy being married, yet they do not reveal everything that happens in marriage. People believe that marriage improves the quality of life and health. For that matter, our ideas and how we perceive marriage has changed, and it is still the ultimate goal for others, nonetheless, the bottom line is that marriage is truly over-hyped.

It’s just a piece of paper that joins you and your spouse, so it’s over-hyped in that regard, but there’s more to it than that. It’s over-hyped in so many ways. The wedding day is even more over-hyped than the marriage itself. You may end up wasting so much money in one day and become penniless newlyweds.

The understanding of marriage has changed from what it used to be back in the days. In the past, marriage was a necessary act, one that brought with it wealth, power, and social status. Thankfully, much of these cultural “privileges” no longer exist.

There are people who wished to get married ever since they were kids. They might live under the misconception that marriage will fix everything and make life perfect, but this is not true. You could marry the love of your life and still be unhappy.

You really need to be ready for marriage on so many levels. You can’t just wake up and decide you want to get married. People usually put themselves first and if they feel lonely, or want to have a child, then they think they’re ready for marriage but marriage is not just about you. You actually don’t need to be married to get a child, all you need is sperm and you’re golden! Once you marry someone you become a team with your spouse and you should always strive for oneness. Divorces happen when a spouse is selfless and put their needs first, that’s why it may be a problem if your spouse cannot bear your children, or perhaps you still feel lonely even though you’re married.

Who says that when you’re married to someone they won’t cheat? Sometimes people tend to think that if you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you, marry that person so that the whole world knows that you are a couple. Our generation also has a marriage= boring mentality, we seem to think that we will not be able to do all the fun stuff when we’re married to someone.

Marriage is praised so much, it is made “the be it, and all” and it’s absolutely not. Transitioning from a relationship to marriage does not necessarily mean that there will be more seriousness in a relationship. The level of respect and seriousness of the relationship should be the same before and after marriage.

Nonetheless, at some point in our lives, marriage is something everyone looks forward to. We all hold different views about marriage and most people know what they know about marriage from married couples. Nowadays the “advantages” of marriage are overpraised which is the reason why marriage is seen as the “ they lived happily ever after” phenomenon.

People think of marriage as a result of a timeline of dating rather than the actual commitment. In this generation people get married for different reasons which are so dangerous, most of us don’t even understand relationships let alone marriage. Marriage has lost its meaning. Therefore even if we date for 6 years, it does not mean it will result in marriage.

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