If you are looking for an incredibly touching and inspiring film to watch, then the neighbors’ window is the ultimate short-film to watch!


The Neighbors’ Window is a short film, directed by Marshall Curry, he has been nominated for the Academy Award three-times as a documentary filmmaker. Most of Curry’s films have premiered at Tribeca. The neighbors’ window won the 2020 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. It is inspired by a true- based story and tells the story of a young woman(Alli) who is a mother of three children. Allie seems to regret becoming a mother.Allie and her husband, Jacob are a young couple with three children living in New York City. Their apartment’s window directly faces an apartment window right opposite them “the neighbors’ window”. One night a young couple Alli and Jacob spy on their neighbors, they become bitter after they see how young and free the couple is, “All they do is host dance parties and sleep ’till noon and screw.” Alli is more bitter about how they lost their youth after they become young parents. Jacob asks his wife what if she is invading their neighbors’ privacy, he backs off after she responds “they face the window! I couldn’t have not seen them if I wanted to!”….Life goes on but Alli can’t seem to get her eyes off her apparently better off neighbors, she even has a pair of binoculars which she uses to easily watch her neighbors from her window. Alli and her husband, Jacob can’t help but compare their circumstances unfavorably with those they see from their neighbors.

One day, while Jacob and the kids are out, Alli spies across the street again to find the man laying sickly in bed; he dies soon after. Alli rushes out to her neighbors’ apartment to witness the man being taken out in a body bag and finds the wife crying on the sidewalk. The woman reveals to Allie that ever since her husband fell sick, they would find comfort in watching Allie, Jacob, and the kids through the window, just like how Allie and her husband did. Since that day, Allie always cherished her life and her family.  “Count your blessings”

The story was written basically about human beings and the power we are capable of giving each other, even though we may be complete strangers at times. The Neighbors window tells a unique story that everyone can relate to. It is a short film yet it tells an unexpectedly moving and surprising life long lesson in just 20 minutes. It really draws your eyes to the screen, you won’t even blink while watching this movie!

The neighbors’ window portrays a message about how we always envy and pay attention to the “good” side of our neighbor while we fail to even appreciate the good side of our own lives. We tend to look into the lives of other people and mock our own, after all, we do not all live in the same space and areas. It actually takes time for us to cherish and be satisfied with our own lives. The film perfectly shows us that things in life are not always as they seem. It proves that “grass is not always greener on the other side”.

The film talks about how we wish we lived the life our neighbor lives, human desire, the monotonous life, the loneliness, the cruel fading youth of our time. It is a real eye-opener to how quickly time changes reality. It is a story of love, loss, and most importantly, a reminder to be grateful for what you have and where you’re at. The neighbors’ window is a fantastic must-watch film that can open our blind eyes and make us view life in a positive way.

Click here to watch the short movie: The Neighbors’ Window

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