Social tools provide perfect “get together” ways for community management because they focus on the practicality of posting content to various social media networks from one platform to another. Social media refers to any internet communication tool which enables users to share contact and participate with the general public. It encompasses a number of websites and apps. For instance, Twitter is a platform that allows you to share links and short messages. Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and the like, enhance the sharing of photos and videos.  

Since the rise of the internet in the early 1990s, social media has become a fact of life for everyone across the world. Media has become more of a coordination site than just a simple source of information where groups of people can gather and talk to each other. Our ability to share content such as photos, opinions on these social media platforms in real-time, has not only completely changed the way we live but the way we do business too.  Social media are essential tools for businesses, in today’s world, a business can almost not survive without social media. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or you own a company, the platform is used to market your products or services, to find and also engage with customers so that you know whether you’re customers are satisfied or not.Communication with customers enables businesses to build customer relationships through loyalty programs that are linked to social media. Loyalty programs encourage customers to return to stores which they frequently buy from, offered by retailers as a means to keep and attract customers. They offer rewards like discounts, vouchers, or other special gifts to loyal customers.

Doctors and other health practitioners have moved onto using social media to change its traditional ways of functioning.  This has helped patients stay in touch with their doctors. The coronavirus pandemic has proved that it is now much easier for groups of people to quickly share information.  The only problem is that non-experts can also rapidly share information that may be inaccurate and leads to “fake news”.

Social media is transforming how we govern and are governed. Councilors and politicians can interact with citizens online. Socially connected groups, get better access to information, more opportunities to participate in public speaking, and better able to take on collective action. Shared awareness refers to the ability of many different people to understand a situation and understands others who share the same understanding. Social awareness enables groups to begin to work together quickly and effectively towards a common goal.

For instance, during the level 5 locked down period of the coronavirus pandemic, many people shared information about what the virus is, where it comes from and how it spreads, info about prevention against the virus, and how to keep ourselves safe from the virus.  Groups centered around specific geographic areas were created on social network platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp to direct activities.  As a result, some groups were assigned to go door to door screening people for corona, while others were out giving food parcels, to assist those who were not working due to the pandemic.

Online learning has shown that students can fully rely on social tools to learn, students can share, communicate and virtually attend classes on platforms like Zoom. This has proved that groups have the ability to change things, once their ability to communicate internally is improved. The Coronavirus pandemic exposed the power of social networks and the importance of engaging with other people in times of crisis. These social tools have made it possible to remain indoors while working and learning remotely during the lockdown.



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