Why start small when you can go big? You must have heard people say that you have to think big and live big if you want to achieve something. Nevertheless, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking big and living big, but when it comes to taking action and starting, you should always start small. Success is a cycle and the secret to success lies in your actions, starting small is key. If you start big you need to put in a lot of energy and time, which increases the chances of you giving up on the action.

From time to time, we develop ideas of wanting to achieve something, perhaps you want to lose weight, save money to buy something you’ve always wanted, you want to read or write a book, start a business or even study for a test. If you want to make a new habit last, you need to start small. You need to make the action easy to implement so that the chances of giving up or quitting the action are lowered. When an action is easy to carry out, like reading only three pages of a book everyday or going for an early morning 30-minute walk on a daily basis, you will hardly hesitate to do it. You will actually look forward to doing it every day, once it becomes a habit then you’re already in the success cycle. Starting small is crucial because it brings great achievements and victories that will keep you going to achieve even more victories.Through every single aspect of our lives, we all started with small steps. Ever since you were a little baby, you used the same strategy to achieve things. For you to be able to walk, you first had to learn how to crawl, stand and eventually take your first step. Throughout the process of learning, there were setbacks, you would fall, trip over things, hurt yourself but that wouldn’t stop you from anything. You were fearless.

Every fall would make you stronger, you did not throw-the-towel and give up because you felt learning how to crawl, stand and walk was difficult. You eventually learned how to walk and even run all by yourself because that’s the hero/heroine you are. Now how come it seems like it becomes difficult to achieve when you get older? Is it perhaps impossible to apply the “start small” strategy like you always did to enable you to achieve anything you desire?

I think it’s possible. Once an opportunity or an idea arises, go for it, be fearless and take one step at a time. If you completely fail at whatever you were trying to do, then hey, at least you tried, and you will always get to walk away with a bag of experience. Failure does not mean it’s the end of the road. It is a learning curve; it helps you right your wrongs to finally get what you want to achieve.

Start small, don’t just sit back and anticipate things to happen because everything will be static until you decide to put in your efforts. Every prominent individual that is successful today started small. For a businesswoman to have her own supermarket, she might have started by selling items on the streets, then moved to sell in a tuck shop, her next move to a small shop, and finally to her own supermarket. Allow yourself to soar high like an eagle. You have incredible potential. You were and will always be the hero/heroine of your own life. The start small strategy is one of the most powerful strategies that successful people use to create exceptional results in their lives. You will surely move forward and get things done by starting small. Be fearless and start small. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu. Taking little steps will lead you to your ultimate destination.

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