We exist in a digital environment whereby technology and super-fast internet are important in our lives. The technological inventions keep increasing to help us carry out daily activities with ease, and many heavily depend on them. In this era, it has become necessary for everyone to have the ability to access the internet and have a steady internet connection.

Things we do online:

1. We shop online:

Many of us enjoy shopping online, it is less straining than going to the shop by ourselves because online shopping has made it easier for us to visit many shops by just browsing from one shop to another without sweating. It saves time, and it is a really safe way of shopping especially during the pandemic because it is done remotely and you avoid crowds and long queues at the same time. It is also easier to compare prices with other shops.Image result for shopping online

2. We manage our money online:

Most of us prefer and bank online rather than personally visiting the bank. In addition, many, if not all of us, make use of banking apps on our mobile phones to help us do transactions, we can check our bank balance, pay bills, buy electricity and receive money from people easily and faster than ever! Image result for online banking

3. We find our way:

The military introduced GPS during the ’80s, since then, a navigation system is a must-have for those who plan to visit or go to a place they have never been before. We don’t have to stop and personally ask for directions anymore, we just activate our GPS and we’re ready to go!

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4. We share pictures and moments online:

We share pictures almost every day on social media platforms and mobile phones now have the ability to take pictures just as good as a camera does. We capture pictures and share them with our followers. 240 thousand new photos are uploaded every minute to Facebook and that’s crazy!Image result for sharing pictures online

5.We have video calls: 

It’s so easy to keep in touch with our loved ones, most of us use video calls to get into contact regardless of any geographical boundaries. The Zoom app is one of the latest apps that was created to help us host meetings or discussions remotely. Image result for zoom

6. We learn new skills

With the internet, we never stop learning. Seriously, we can learn how to cook or bake, DIY videos can teach you how to be creative. Some of us even get our driving skills from the internet. In fact, there are very few skills you can’t learn online.Image result for learning new skills online

7. We play online games:

The digital world enables us to compete with players we have never met face-to-face before. Some players become are so interested in these games, they could play any time of the day or night. Play stations are an example of online games.  Image result for online games play station

8. Source of information:

Thanks to smartphones, information is literally at the tips of our fingers. Google plays a huge role to help us search for whatever information we seek to find. Many of us have a better understanding of the world we live in due to easy access to information. It also helps students with homework and assignments or research.Image result for online source of information

9. Source of entertainment:

We can watch a variety of videos on Youtube and enjoy movies in the comfort of our homes from Netflix or Showmax just to name a few. Applications such as TikTok played a huge role in keeping us entertained during the lockdown. We can listen to music on Spotify, which is like an online music shop that helps you search and find the type of music you want to listen to.  We can even tune into a radio station of our choice, online and catch up on radio shows we’ve missed on podcasts. Hard-copy magazines and newspapers are slowly becoming a thing of the past, nowadays we read magazines and newspapers online, so basically, almost everything we can think of has moved onto the digital world.Image result for online movies

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