Sleep: The thief of time

Sleep: The thief of time

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
The aperture of the morning majestically raps upon the door of my eyes,
The bright ambience gladly cuddles my body,
Mattress tempting me to take a little nap.

Little-lithe, tittle-tattle
The journey of a little nap turns out to be a hoity-toitily,
Creating a mountain out of a mole-hill,
And pentecost coming with plenty-cost.

Wake up, Emma!, Emma! Wake up,
A nutrient deficient palm spanked my bum-bum,
“It’s 9:52am, you have exam by 10”
Rough and tumble, roughly-toughly,
I carrieth my body to the examination centre,
With a still voice in my heart saying “Fear not! For I am with you”.

© Ewete NuerlKing

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