Is relationship all about sex?

Is relationship all about sex?

Different people date for different reasons, some people date for the fun, some people date to get married, others date for closure. Relationships should help you grow, make you happy, and give you peace. It should be fun, it should not be a teacher-student type of atmosphere, you should learn to have fun with your partner. 

Things to do in a relationship;

Talk: as basic as it may sound, learn to talk to your partner. Communication keeps a relationship, there are tons of things to talk about, it could be on trending issues, your interests; for instance, if you love dogs or your partner loves dogs, you can bring up topics related to dogs in an interesting way. It could be the restaurant you visited last week, you can tell your partner what you loved about it. You can talk about the things you are going through, your fears, good news, happy moments, and so on.

Visit fun places: Learn to visit nice places around you or go on vacations, you can have a bucket list of places to go to, it could be the beach, the movies, any restaurant of your choice, zoo, clubs, museums, or art galleries. Make plans with your partner to visit a new place once a week or more depending on your schedules or that of your partner. You can also plan a get-together with friends. They will make great memories and remember to take nice pictures.

Learn: Try to learn one or two things from your partner, it could be their values, etiquettes, interests, business ideas, advice on issues. They can teach you how to cook, drive, help with assignments, projects, or work. If what they do interest you, you can learn by watching, learn to ask questions when you don’t know. Your partner should help you improve and grow, they should help you achieve your goals by supporting you. 

Gifts and Surprises: Everybody likes a gift, it is the thought that matters, you don’t have to wait till you get them a car, you don’t have to wait till it’s their birthday before you get them a gift. Surprise your partner with little gifts, it could be a surprise date, movie tickets, make their favorite meal. It could be a nice time at the spa or their favorite spot. You should know what your partner loves and what makes them happy.

Moral support; ‘we know our real friends in times of despair’ Be there for your partner when they are down. It won’t always be all sweet and rosy, there will be moments when your partner will not get that deal, or make the list, lost a family member. At moments like this, you should be their strength. You can do this by being around, at times your presence is all that matters, you can make them feel comfortable by cooking, doing their laundry, getting them out of the house for a walk, or doing things they love.

Try new things: it’s no surprise that people get in a relationship and they start to do something they wouldn’t have dared to do, like fill out for a new position, job or competition. Encourage your partner to try new things, support them all through. You can volunteer together, there are tons of volunteering activities to engage in. Participate in that fashion show or concert you have been fantasizing about. 

Meet new people too: most people get into a relationship and forget that the world revolves around other people and not just their partner alone. Meet and build connections with other people, have a nice time with your friends, make time for family and friends. Relationships shouldn’t be about sex alone, and if you are in it to get married, why not have fun and build the connection with your partner as well.

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