What do you do after a breakup?

What do you do after a breakup?

I remember my first break up, it ended in hot tears. Although it happened 5 years ago, I still remember like it happened yesterday. I cried a lot, I couldn’t really eat well, I wasn’t sleeping well too, I was depressed. The second wasn’t like the first one, I cried a little and moved on. I know we have all been there and if you have never had your heart broken, count it as a blessing😂 so what do you do after break up?
Are you one of those that cry till you move on or
‘Stalk your ex till they block you’
‘Rain curses on your ex on social media’
‘Move on that same day, then start a new relationship the next day’
‘Beg your ex to take you back’
‘Or make your ex jealous till they beg you to take them back’

One thing I know for sure is ‘Never beg anyone to be in a relationship with you’ if they don’t see for themselves then they are missing, they don’t know what is going on! You are a spec! When you beg people to be with you, they only stay for a while till they say ‘you are not the problem, I am’ when someone tells you that you are not the problem, but them, without giving a tangible reason as to why they are no longer interested, you should really believe that and move on. They are the problem not you!

If it is not meant to be, then it won’t be, if it is meant to be, then it will be. I know a relationship requires the two parties to commit and make it work, but when it is one sided, and you are the only one trying to make it work, then there is a problem. Maybe that break up is what you really need.

Things you can do after a break up
Don’t stalk your ex: I know it might sound weird but it really helps. When you go on social media to see if your ex has a new post, deep down the intention of this is to really see if they are doing fine without you. Trust me, it’s really hurts when you get a new post from them seeing they are at a party with friends or having fun without you. It is really difficult, but do not to stalk your ex.

Get busy: when you are free with nothing to do, your mind gets to explore and at times replay different scenarios that has happened. Why not just get busy, try to watch new movies, hang out with friends, write, talk to family members, take a stroll or even watch funny videos online, you can never go wrong with that. When you get busy, you have little or no time to get sad over what could have been.

Cry if it makes you feel better: Yes, cry all you want, surprisingly crying makes us feel better at times, it can improve your mood. If you need to pour out your mind, talk to a friend or family members. Talking about things we are going through makes us feel better and gives the reassuring feeling that we are not alone.

Meet new people: Go on dates, meet new people, there is this feeling when you go outside your comfort zone, it makes you feel happy in a different way. When we talk to new people, we learn new things and how to do them differently. You can go on dates with your friends and it doesn’t have to be with the opposite sex. It could be a all-girls trip or all-boys trips.

Feel free to drop comments under the post, share your experience..

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