Once Upon a Time,There Was a Girl Named Nigeria.

Once Upon a Time,There Was a Girl Named Nigeria.


She was rich like an honeycomb.
An innocent land
With a beautiful structure.
She was named to bear good fruits for her products.
Her beauty attracts every other kinds.
It is time for her to get married
but her heart was invaded by greediness,
Just like a bee that wanted to lick all the juice
in a honeycomb.
She gave birth to two species,
the good and the bad
Bad were many like the sea but
good were few like her.
Her land was intoxicated.
She had no more power
to produce good fruits again.
The good were expunged
and some were lured into bad chamber.
She is now bad entirely!
Alone she stood up in the middle
of the night.
This wasn’t me!
This wasn’t my intention.
Her land suffers from the grief of tasting
a bad fruit.
She had no say again.
No good change could take place again.
A good block that is being laid on a bad
block,will also turn bad.
She said to herself, I would soon be no more
but I would come back with a new name.
It is time for separation was her last word.

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