Forever In Time

Forever In Time

Darling, you are my life. My hope and faith. You are the reason why the stars still shine bright in the dark crevices of my soul, showing me the way home everytime I seem to be getting lost. To me, you are everything and more. And I could have chosen to dream of a forever with you but I know that is not certain. That time will eventually make a dent on that perfect curve of your mouth and sooner or later, I shall forget the way that that perfect curve makes everything else irrelevant. I know that smile cannot be there forever. I know that our mortality is a dent on our aspiration for eternity. 

My love, when I look into your eyes, I see heaven with bright stars. And the way those stars twinkle when you smile match the rhythm of my heart. But can this go on forever? When perhaps, life happens and either of us forget. Whether how to make that smile or how it feels.

I know forever is not promised. It is a dream, a fantasy. It is a mere illusion that people hide behind to hide their fears of losing each other. But I am not like those people, for I know the truth of time.

So I have decided to fight this my way. To love as fiercely and as passionate as the blood in my veins rushes whenever you are around. I will love you now, like there is no tomorrow. Gently, yet passionately. For that is how to love. Love without reservation.

I shall love you now, like tomorrow is not coming

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