Money Matters

Money Matters

I’ve always loved a GOOD STORY.

As a writer, STORYTELLING is my forte.

I hope you enjoy this story, grasp a thing or two from it, as much as I want you to.

Somewhere in Nigeria, there was a young girl, named Tolu, who lived in the outskirts of Ekiti state with her Mom, Dad and a puppy named Bobby.

Having grown into an average Nigerian family, she never always got what she wanted, she saw a lot of other children revelling in the pleasantness of a luxurious life, and she often wondered why her family couldn’t afford such luxury.

On a quest for financial intelligence, she sought out to embark on a journey.

She decided to visit one of the influential billionaires who lived in the same town as she.

“Why do the poor keep getting poorer, and the rich keep getting richer?” She thought out loud as she trotted.

She was familiar with Odunlade Odukola – the king of Otun Ekiti, and decided to start with him. When she arrived at his palace, he was sitting outside, sipping tea, under a palm frond tree that spread out like a high domed ceiling fan.

She narrated her ordeal to him, he saw that she was young and was elated to share his experience with her.

” I wouldn’t want to take much of your time, beloved. So I’m just going to tell you a few things. One of which is – SAVERS ARE LOSERS”

He noticed the subtle look of confusion.

She was perplexed because she had heard from older people that putting some money aside was a wise thing to do.

He cleared his throat and continued. ” Why save 5000 every month in a year, which eventually sums up to 60000 whereas you can get double by INVESTING?”

“It is unrealistic to think that in a few days we can learn a completely different language. Likewise, it’s unrealistic to assume to can accrue wealth just by stacking up money”

“Don’t get me wrong, SAVING is essential”

Her doubts were cleared a little with his explanations, she scribbled down some words in her note pad.

“Here’s the second thing you have to know – Invest in assets, not liabilities”

“You see all these extravagant possessions that rich people have, but what you might not know is what they did to afford their luxuries. Their secret is they were buying assets, not liabilities”

“What are assets and liabilities?” She asked

“Good question. You rent a house, that’s a liability. Why? Because it takes out money from you. On the other hand, buying a land, is an asset, because you can eventually rent it out and keep getting returns”

“Wow” she said excited.

“So you see, there is no magic in wealth creation. You just have to master the strategies”

“Thank you so much. May you live long my king”

She was satisfied with her findings, and resolved to share and apply all she had learned.

Hope you enjoyed this story on MONEY MATTERS.
I’m sure you learned a thing or two, tell me in the comment section. I’d love to hear.


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