My near death experience

My near death experience
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The car had refused to start. The engine had started acting up again. She cursed her mechanic – John, silently, for being so incompetent.
She recently sent her car out for repairs only for the car to start acting up again.

Carol Edith, sat in her car frustrated from the day’s stress, she had missed her flight to South Africa, she vividly remembered how the flight attendant had told her “Sorry ma’am, the plane just took off”

She had hissed at him and walked away

On her way home, she thought of calling her husband – Timothy, to inform him she had missed her flight, again.

She picked up her phone, but realized her battery was dead.

She kept trying to get the car to start, so she could head home. Few minutes later, after much efforts, the car restarts.
Thank Goodness” she said calmly under her breath and zoomed off.

Few minutes later, she arrived at her house.

There was no response for close to 10 minutes.

She decided to park the car and go in herself to open the gate.

She got into the house and noticed that her husband’s car was parked inside. “Timothy is in this house, where the hell is he then?

Surprisingly, there was another SUV car parked outside too, she hadn’t seen any like it. None of their friends that could possibly visit by past 10.00PM owned a car like that.

She waved off the idea of opening the gate, decided to go into the house through the front door, but it was locked.

She went through the backyard instead, using the spare key they always left under the carpet to get through.

Timothy?” she called out as she got into the house, but there was no response.

She got to the sitting room, stood perplexed for close to 5 minutes before something caught her eyes. It was a pink purse. It wasn’t hers.

Her heart skipped for a minute. Her thoughts began to run wild “Was Tim having an affair?”

She quietly went up the stairs, to confirm if what she was thinking held water.
Her feet shook as she climbed the stairs, a part of her wished she was just hallucinating.

They always received visitors at the sitting room, but there was no one in sight and there was obviously a guest in the house.

She got to the front door leading to their matrimonial room. She was skeptical about opening the door at first before she heard a noise.

She opened the door quietly and saw her husband, Timothy, in bed with another woman.

Her heart sank.

Her jaw dropped.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Tim?’ she called in a whisper.

They both jerked up when they heard her voice.

Suddenly, Timothy pushed the woman to the other side of the bed, as if he had no idea she was in bed with him.

Oh my God, you’re supposed to be in South Africa‘ he said putting on his clothes in a rush.

Babe please, it’s not what you think‘ he continued

Carol looked at her husband full with rage. ‘How could you?’ she stuttered

The tears that were forming in her eyes soon began to drop. She stormed out of the house, she could hear him calling her back but she kept on running.

She ran past the front gate, got into her vehicle that was parked outside and drove off – To nowhere in particular.

She screamed and cried out as she drove. ‘How could Tim do this to me, how could he do this to us?’

She wasn’t thinking anymore, she thought of her kids that were on a vacation in her mother’s house, how were they going to understand this?

She thought of the possible outcomes from her discovery, she thought of being a single mother due to divorce.

Her thoughts ran wild.

Suddenly she could notice a bright light coming towards her in a flash. She immediately regained herself, there was a large truck moving towards her direction uncontrollably.

She tried to move to the other side of the road to avoid the truck that was coming closer with every passing second.

But she couldn’t.

Her steering had developed a fault earlier today, she couldn’t swerve without struggling.

Her brakes were not functioning either.

In a flash, she saw her life in front of her, nothing was working.

Not knowing what else to do, she left the steering wheel, opened the car door and jumped out into a bush.

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