Mama and I set out early on a Tuesday morning, we were headed to Ekiti State to visit Mama’s Mother who I fondly called – Mami, she was sick and needed someone to take care of her.

The road was already busy by that time,typical Lagos city.

We quickly got into a Keke Napep, that drove us straight to the bus park.

We got there in the next 30 minutes, we had to wait for another 30 minutes before the driver took off.

Few minutes after we took off, I began to feel uncomfortable, I confided in Mama.

“Hmm, are you sure you’re not sick?” she asked checking my temperature.

“Mama I don’t know, I just feel uneasy”

“You’ll be fine, once we reach home, I’ll give you some malaria drugs”

I shook my head, it was normal for Mama to recommend malaria drugs, even if you’re having a slight headache.

But I knew it was no malaria.

I noticed three hefty men who sat at the back of the bus, my heart would race anytime I turned to look at them.

“This journey is into your hands, Lord” I said a short  prayer under my breath, then I bent to sleep.

Suddenly a loud voice woke me up, “All of you, put your heads down or I’ll shoot” 

I jerked up immediately. It was one of the men. The driver stopped the car immediately.

I looked out, it was a deserted road, even if one of us shouted, no one would hear us.

Everyone began to panic, Mama held on to me tightly.

The three hefty men got out from the car. Two of them had guns in their hands while the other held a red small purse.

I was petite so I could peep without anyone noticing, I saw how the third man poured out what looked like a white powder from the purse and blew it into the air.

Soon, the atmosphere changed. Mama let go of me.
The rest of the passengers sat up with their heads straight, as if they were in some sort of trance.

I followed their move. I knew I wasn’t affected, because I could tell that something was wrong.

I saw Mama bring out the bundle of cash from her purse and hand it to the men, I saw the others do the same too. They were all giving out their money and valuables.

I began to tremble.

I couldn’t say anything, I knew if I did I would get shot in the leg, or worse. So I stood still.


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