At Six minutes past midnight, Friday Morning, Jessica Fortunes jerks up in bed. The blasting speakers from the other neighborhood were so loud enough to rouse her, but it wasn’t the noise that woke her.

She heard footsteps.

Someone was in the house.

She sat up straight in bed. She cocked her head, listened slowly, the sound of the footsteps were drawing closer.
As she sat up in bed, she switched on the lamp and listened carefully. Another sound followed the first.

For a while she listened.

Then heard nothing!

She got out of bed and steps into her slippers, she moves to the bathroom to wash her face, trying to convince herself she had heard wrongly.

She got out of the bedroom, sat on her bed, and prayed silently. She hated her roommate – Cassie for leaving her all alone in the house to spend a night out with her boyfriend.

She had never imagined being a victim of an In-house robbery. She thought of the bad things that could happen to her; she could get raped , shot in the leg, or worse.

Those thoughts tormented her. She could hear the thud of her own heartbeat sounding heavily in her ears, she tried to stay calm.


Something had fallen over in the other room next to hers.
She wasn’t imagining any longer. Someone was definitely in the house.

She considered calling the police but she waved off the idea immediately, Nigerian policemen would never make it on time. So why bother? 

She wondered how the prowler had managed to get into the house.
She remembered locking the front doors and other security doors, she always thought Greenland Estate – Ibeju Lekki was one of the safest estate, there was.

But she was wrong.

Someone was in her house, and soon was going to get to her.

She prayed earnestly that the prowler would take what he wanted and just leave.

SHE prayed he will think there was no one home because the sitting room looked deserted –  she had sent out the furniture to her carpenter to reupholster.

She tried to remain as silent as possible, she lay flat on the floor.

Her blood ran cold. She was scared to her wits.

Suddenly, the person arrived at the door to her room, trying to break through.

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