When the pandemic ends

When the pandemic ends

Let me tell you a story

On a Saturday morning at about 9.00AM, I packed my bags planning to head to my Aunt’s house for a break they claimed will last for two weeks. Lies!

As expected I packed a few things, excluding my food stuff (Rest In Peace).

Long story cut short, it’s been close to 4 months since I’ve been in the house, it’s enough to lose my mind abi?

I know I’m not alone.

Let me tell you another story, stick with me.

As usual, one afternoon, I’m scrolling through the pages of Instagram, sending the usual ‘Lol’ and ‘Mad O’ on WhatsApp.

Then a message pops up.

And it read:

“There is this online webinar I’ll like to organize this holidays just to keep students across Imo state busy and less idle because an idle mind is said to be a devils workshop.

I was wondering if you would be free to volunteer as a facilitator in the Webinar”

I won’t disclose the writer.

“What do I know about facilitating webinars?” I thought out loud.

I almost refused, but on a second thought, I didn’t.

I told him I would think about it, which I did.

I confided in my sister, who was so excited, and I wasn’t. 

I knew it demanded a lot of work, so I tried to evade, but she wouldn’t let me.

Long story cut short, I prepared for this class like I was about to write an SAT or TOEFL exam.

I’m always extra when I’m doing stuff, don’t blame me.

Then I had a moment of epiphany, from the normal conversation I had with my sister.

I don’t know if it’s before or after I read a book called “Sell your brain for money” by Emeka Nobis.

Then it dawned on me “Chidinma, you know a lot. Brace up. You can do this”

Then, I planned that after the Free class I’ll organise a paid class.

Seriously, when I started planning for the class I thought no one would show up. I was limiting myself with my thoughts, which was a bad thing to do. If you do this, STOP. 

I’m guessing if I didn’t limit my abilities, the turnout would have been greater.

I won’t start going into details about how everything turned out, but it did turn out well for a start.

This lockdown has taught me a lot, the list is inexhaustible.

I learned to stop hoarding my knowledge, and be aware of my value.

I turned reading to a quotidian activity, who would have thought. I have always been a reader though, but I perfected that skill this period.

I have taken a lot of things more serious than normal; my writing, online courses, books et Al.

I have learned that you ‘Eat Where You Work’

I could write a book, if I go on.

Now, when the pandemic ends..

I don’t know for sure when it would end, but I’m certain a lot will change in my life.

I don’t know the habits you’ve picked up, but I hope they’re good.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

If you did, drop a comment. 

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  1. Wonderful intriguing much and yes very relevant in this and I know alot had changed in not just my life but in many other persons life. God bless you for this

  2. A good read… combined with the needed touch of inspiration, I’d have to say it’s a necessary eye-opener most Nigeria youths stuck at home during this period.

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