A Crime Scene? The popular picture would be probably the corpse of a man or woman laying down with blood splattered all over. Yellow tapes around to barricade the victims from the witnesses, giving a room for the forensics department to work. Where I am from, we only get to see these on the movies.

I’d indulge you to take a ride with me; let us see a crime scene from a different perspective.

Unpaid salaries of workers, an epileptic power supply, a moribund health care system with a myth of health insurance services, death traps for roads. I know a land with good infrastructures, if only “good” meant “none” in the lexicon. I know a land where pensioners do not reap the fruits of their labours, stupid me! How could they have been paid as retirees of they were barely paid in active service. I know a nation with leaders that pilfer from the coffers to fill their protrusions. I know a nation where people survive instead of thrive. It is a system strategically orchestrated to frustrate the pawns.

One does not need to lay in one’s pool of blood before one is considered dead. We all are dying slowly on this end because of the mismanagement or incapacities of the kingpins. If we look at the beyond the movie spectacle of a crime scene, we would see clearly that our nation as a whole is a bigger picture of the loathsome sanguinary scene.

Many die because of a rigged vote, a wrong appointment, a lobbied contract, a delayed bill, an abandoned project, siphoned funds…. All done for selfish interests!

If we look at the bigger picture, we would see that we are not spectators, but we are victims of a failed system millipeding towards death. My country is a crime scene, and this is just another epistle, lost in the chorus of songs rendered by by victims of the crime scene; a tragedy doubling as a picture perfect paradox!

Imperator Sylvestro.

(Day 2 of Judelucan’s writing challenge)

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