Gianfrancesco is a trained advocate and a man of the wig. He has been happily married to Adriana for a decade now. He earns a good pay and takes good care of his family-Adrianna and his two kids. His daughter’s name is Bianca while his little boy was christened Carlos. They are so beautiful a family that they have bacome an ideal family to others who are springing up. Soon, Adriana began to hear rumours of her husband’s unfaithfulness, but she had no proof. She loved Gianfrancesco so much that she hoped it was a lie. Some of her friends would come home to tell her how this lady looked like; slender, exotic and always wore different colours of wigs.
Since Adriana was a housewife, she kept a deaf ear to these rumours but she tried her best to please her husband in her wifely duties. She began to diet, she wanted to be slender. She began to buy different colours of wigs. She began to wear bodycon dresses, but anytime her husband returned from work and saw her dressed that way he’d say “why are you dressed like a whore?” or “that wig makes you look like a hen with a comb”. He never complimented her looks or her efforts to look attractive. One night, Gianfrancesco returned rather drunk and he made one of those snide comments about his wife’s look and this time, she flared out; “at least I am not that whore from your office you mess around with! Or you think it has not come to my notice? Sonia or whatever her name is!” The atmosphere got really tense and an argument ensued.
Weeks later, they were all seated in court for the divorce proceedings. The Courtroom clerk shouts “arise!” and all stood. After the judge had taken his seat, the clerk announced the case; “AdrianaVsGiafrancesco, separation proceedings, Case number 32311MA, trial holds on the grounds of accusation of infidelity on the path of the husband as a result of a wig”. Giafrancesco chuckled and muttered the words of the case again. He did not believe his marriage was about to end. Standing before the judge to defend himself, he noticed that something was common between the Judge, Adriana, Sonia and himself-they all wore wigs. So he cursed his maker for making a joke of his life….so he proceeded to act as his own counsel in the case of the wig.

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