I have found balance in tipped scales.
Symphonies in noise..
The whole universe is a song,
But we often listen the wrong way.
I’ve discovered rhythm in books,
and wisdom in songs.

Breathe in, breathe out.
Take your time, even if you don’t own it.
Sieze the day, even if you didn’t make it.
Calm down, slow down, live at your pace.

As long as it hurts no one,
And as long as it makes you happy,
Learn to do things, “just because”.
Life is hard enough, try to be happy, try to smile.

Sometimes, the best things about life, ain’t in life,
until we give life to them.
we are gods in our own way,
we are gods either ways..

Nothing is really perfect without imperfection…
Life is myriad of paradoxes.
There is beauty in pain,
Yet pain isn’t beautiful.
Not every profitable venture is beneficial.

Context is sometimes contextual.
Everything is relative, even being relative is!
Living always thrives on perspective,
even when there are no viewpoints.

Knowledge is not omniscient,
Understanding is not comprehensive.
I know, that I cannot know all.
I understand, that I cannot understand all things.
The purest of wisdom is content;
…and vice versa.

Imperator Sylvestro.

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