The general assembly of the United Nations Security council reconvened by 01:00pm, GMT+3. The world was in panic. The Assembly was presided by the Ministers of Defense of the Big 6 (China inclusive).

Prior to this emergency meeting, there was a rumor about a looming conspiracy regarding a pending war and an arms race. Some Heads of States in the General Assembly had invested in Nuclear warheads as leverage against the aggravating trade wars.

The pressure in the conference room was tense. They were all scared to speak because getting on the nerves of the any council member, was similar to cutting the wrong wire whilst trying to diffuse a bomb. If another world war would happen, it would actually start from this room in the Pentagon. It would start from this room where the best military tacticians have gathered to end a looming war.

Intel was brought in by a Lieutenant under the confederate forces. A footage had been sent to the Council by a notorious terrorist who currently holds the mother earth by her scrotum.

The video popped on the screen and the Assembly one more time, saw the face of their doom. AbdulKaboom, spoke up; “Good day, I need no introduction amongst my fellow thieves.  I have been defamed as a terrorist, but today, you all would decide who amongst us, is the real threat to global peace. I currently have access keys to all the nuclear warheads and I can detonate them, so that the world goes Kaboom!” He laughed hard as he gestured the movement of fireworks.

The assembly knew him too well. He wasn’t a man to be messed with, he was the terrorist with the greatest sense of humor. He was a global terrorist, yet, he was a nominee for the Nobel Laureate in Literature. How did he do it? He erected a cenotaph with a dirge, an ode or an elegy on every site he laid waste, then he compiled everything into an anthology called “The Seething Embers”. He was ironically someone to admire, regardless of his sociopathic tendencies.

“I would like all the Heads of State that are part of the conspiracy for a new war to confess, and hand over their nuclear warheads. I would gather all the warheads and launch them into the orbit, they’d all collide and create a big bang, and we’d make today a memorable day and a global holiday. Its high time we stopped proving the sages right. They said we humans create machines to make it easy to eradicate us from the face of the earth, as a sign of technological advancement. People across the world are dying of hunger, yet billions of dollars are invested into warheads. If the world leaders don’t come out to confess and submit their warheads, I’d make sure the inevitable apocalypse comes way earlier than prophesied..”

AbdulKaboom’s face faded from the screen and what showed next was the countdown to the nuclear rainfall. Each second ticked loudly that it echoed across the room, fear gripped all the members of the council. Soon, they were all on the phone calling the Offices of their High Commissions to patch them through to the Presidents’ office.

The real irony? The video was recorded on TIKTOK..

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