I am very sure you rushed down here to read up a very revealing confession, I promise not to disappoint you. This piece would be among the most quickly clicked-and-read amongst a few. You want to hear a confession? You want to read on how I probably have feelings for someone of same gender? You want to hear me say “I love men”? Of course I do love men—man being a generic term—in my own context or in the provisions of my expressions.
Why can a man not freely say “I love you” to another man? Because of the awkwardness of judgemental eyes in our societal context, one—a man—cannot freely say “I love you” to another man because of the several implications that follow suit. But when ladies say “I love you” to one another, we see ourselves whining “awwwwn”, whilst we blush pink simultaneously. It is becoming a conventional endorsement and a contemporary approval that women should be homosexuals while men are forbidden from being gay. I laugh in Dothraki! I am not a fanatic, but is this not a form of gender inequality? Or am I looking at it the wrong way?
Furthermore, and on an unrelated note, some people do not actually know the difference between ‘Homosexuality’ as an umbrella term and ‘gay or lesbian’ as definitive terms, but what do I know? That is by the way!
Back to my confession! Yes, I am gay! But before you crucify me, check your dictionary again for several meanings of the word ‘GAY’. No one thought about me being “bright, pleasant and cheerful” or “highly-spirited and offering merriment”. But because we are in a society that is so sexually conscious, everyone jumps into conclusions. Saying one is gay is just as bad as Hogwarts’ students mentioning ‘Voldemort’. It is really interesting how society affects, changes or alters our perception or understanding of words and concepts—it is really a beautiful tragedy!
In the end, ‘I am responsible for what I say, and you are responsible for what you understand’. But does that permit me to do or say whatever I want to because I should not give a damn about the meanings people infer? That is simply a food for thought for your various schools of thoughts. 

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