After hours of intense arguments,
Josephine took a deep breath and summoned the courage to ask Margaret the question she was long scared to ask;

“Do you still love me?”

Margaret kept looking into the mirror, though it was still dark, but that way, she wouldn’t have to look at Catherine in the eyes while droppingĀ  the bombshell.

Margaret took a deep sigh; “I don’t understand you, is that a rhetorical question or is that something I’m meant to answer?”, was all she could say.

Kathie knew that Maggie was always evasive when she was guilty. So Kathie decided to use another approach;

“It seems there is someone else. Who is it? Cindy? Tasha? I knew you always had a thing for Latinas”

Margaret chuckled, turned around, untucked herself from the duvet and sat on the bed, facing Katherine and holding both her hands, but still avoiding to look into her eyes. Katherine was never really a fan of reassuring gestures, they usually come before or after a very bad news, like how the Doctor broke the news of her mother’s death.

“Kathie, there is someone else. It isn’t who you think it is, I’m in love with Julio”

Katherine was shocked, she couldn’t say a word, not even an alphabet! All that was on her mind; “you are right, I never would have thought it would be him”, but she couldn’t voice it out, she couldn’t catch her breath, but Maggie kept on talking.

“I know I got to meet him in the most unconventional way. He thought we were best of friends until the night we were so drunk that you broke the news to him, then he really didn’t care cuz we all were dazed. We all got naughty, did somewhat naughty things all together. Then you broke off things with him cuz you wanted to be with me. That’s all I ever wanted. Truth is, I got talking to him and uhm… he’s a really nice person. I don’t know why you’d leave him for anyone in the first place. He really makes me happy. I know it was tough for you to make that call, so it is for me now, but I really want you to know that I’ll always love and cherish you. You’d always have a soft spot in my heart”.

Katherine didn’t pay attention to the elaborate bullshit. She literally couldn’t catch her breath. The only thing she could say was…”please, pass me my inhaler”.

(PS Solape first listened to the draft while we were on an OkadašŸ˜‚)Ā 

Imperator Sylvestro

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