Love and Fate: The Interface 2

Love and Fate: The Interface 2


She opened the door after one knock,
And pulled me in like a dog to a rabbit,
Then she engaged my lips and hers in a lock,
It was as if my brain was on a brilliant lit,
“My ship has been waiting a long time at your dock”;
Was what popped out from her mouth like a zit,
I was so happy our hearts was hit by the same rock,
That night was emphatically my greatest feat.

It was 1950,
Our endearing romance was like a dandy bine,
I thought we would be okay if we keep things low,
Little did I know that love isn’t a burgundy wine,
The King was about to betroth her to Prince Haniif,
I wasn’t sure if she would eventually be mine,
Fate really struck me a sounding blow,
I wasn’t sure if I would ever be fine.

It was 1953,
Hell break loose in the King’s heart,
When he discovered she was pregnant with my child,
I was tortured to a point that I couldn’t fart,
I was to be executed in two weeks in the wild,
The princess sneaked in to give me a pat,
She was already making plans to change the tide,
I was just waiting in my clothes to be eaten by rats.

To be continued…

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