Tell an atheist.

Tell an atheist.

A common argument from atheists and skeptics is that, if all things need a cause, then God must also need a cause. This is a slightly more sophisticated form of the basic question, “Who created God?“. A veritably bewildering enigma nurtured in the psyche of those who by nature, euphorically scorn the idea of a Creator who has no Creator, is the one in question. They further lurch on like a demented ghost, on a path of ignorance, evenly paved with folly and cecity, to paint a picture of how the Creator’s designs are merely things that can be wholly explained, understood and finely-tuned by science. Then,they conceive science and God to be coequal. He was, He is and He will continue to be. Thence, He is infinite. He was never for once inexistent. Thence, He isn’t bound by or limited to infinity.

A belief that adumbrates God’s existence is of course, a shrewd pinnacle of harebrained folly. But, this in itself is a quality birthed deep within a deluded mind of nimble wits and apparent intelligence – one which is apt to brush off and dismiss that which is unfathomable and insoluble to his gross and physical senses.

However, his erroneous oversight doesn’t only loom over the unseen phenomena. His distortion is more pronounced at the things he perceives, owing to the fact that he has been fooled by his mind to adorn and accept only the conception and attributes of an attestable evidence or proof as his supreme dictator – as his deity – which ultimately gives him the illusion of control over his thoughts and reasoning.

Unfeignedly, one who reasons this way truly believes in god, or God? But his own god is simply the two pounds ‘grey-white’ matter that sits at the base of his skull, and that is why he will, and must err because his thinking is only limited to this physical reality.

Lo! He is unable to comprehend simple truths, how then will he comprehend bigger ones? You can’t teach a rat how to solve questions in differential equations, can you?
Believe me you, to a monkey, Einstein’s theory of relativity would seem like a ludicrous bunkum spiced with madness and frivolities. And that is if he’s able to grasp it like he does a fresh ‘Musa acuminata’. A monkey believes in only what he can make sense of. And that is the belief it will hold as the utmost measure of its intelligence.

To borrow from one of my grandfather’s ancient favorite proverbs, when he was alive, in Latin. He said, “Non probare intendentium ad a bufo galaxies”. It means one can not prove the existence of galaxies to a toad. Any attempt aimed at this is a futile one. If you prefer, travel to the space with a toad. When you get there, say to it, “Toad, behold the pleasant sight of a galaxy. Behold the graceful radiance of the stars”. If you could hear the toad speak, it would say, “Dude, I need some spiders and worms for dinner. Not a boiling lunacy from a wacko who abducted me from my territory when I was just about to mate with my babe from the opposite pond.”

There are a lot of things that elude our apprehension – they will exquisitely dumbfold our intellect and reasoning. Things like this, unlike science, can not be observed and proven with theories, experiments, conjectures, blunt speculations, equations, calculations and definitions. Doing so, is in fact, a laughable state of imbecility.

However, it is pointless to prove to someone that there is an omnipotent Creator, because deep within them, they already know there is. It is a gut feeling in form of an intuition given to us by One, Who has neither a beginning nor end. He knows ‘all’ before our arrival to this world. He knows ‘all’ about ‘all’ before we could ‘all’ even differentiate a spoon from a fork. He is the ‘all’. The ones who do not believe serves as a test of faith to the ones who do.

Examining the perfections, and the seemingly imperfections of His designs is purely an act of folly. The fault of many as regards this isn’t ignorance, rather, the error in their thinking springs from the illusion of knowledge. They have imprisoned themselves with chains they themselves forged and then, cast themselves to dark prisons they themselves built. Therefore, only them, can free themselves from the bondage of illusion!

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