My arms outstretched.
Warm and embracing.
Like I was expecting him back home.

Home, where I wouldn’t let him be;
Scratching and scathing at all his demons,
till I became the one in his closet.

Home, where the smell of the relics of ancient generations hung in the air
and th’images of my lineage lined the aging walls, staring down at the spreading damage eating us.

Home, where I felt pure love
and fierce love and tough love

…and no love.

Home, where I yearned and yearned to be
but took one step further and further away from.
I tried to fill this gaping emptiness that I feel-
With the feelings of another whose holes I could barely fill.

But when I looked into the red sparks that dashed about in her eyes,
I longed vehemently to be free.
In her, I found contentment; with her, I found home.

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