We met at a junction

where reality meets fantasy. 

Till butterflies perched in my belly

And learned to fly there.

I gave some of their flutterings a voice.

So, here I wait. 


She heard my noiseless wings

Flapping against the window of her heart. 

She opened up for me to enter

And like a rose, her scent pulled me further in.



We hung out at a spot

Where the night kissed the sky

Right in the middle of the ocean. 

Where we made love on the water beds. 

We made the horizon our home

Right under where the stars shone. 

We really were in our zone. 


Now, we are one.

The butterfly and the rose.



Bit by fragile bit,

My betraying petals fall off,

Revealing sharp and savage thorns 


He asked: why so many thorns? 

I said: they remain when all else wither


Just then, the last of my petals crack

The one that holds our union and sanity

So, here we wait.

It will fall soon. 

We’ll fall apart too. 



Now, the butterfly itches for new pollen

Wishing to fly away. 

I sought to pluck your wings and keep you with me forever

But, I don’t wish you a wingless death

Not on my account.


Go, baby go

For tonight, I’m letting go

Fly, baby fly.

For your kind were born to rise. 



My stomach aches from a lack of love and butterflies

So, I’ll wait till my petals bloom anew

Perhaps, you will stray my way again. 

And if you ever wish to return

Or taste of my sweet pollen. 

I’ll be right here. 

Impatiently waiting by the receiver.

Waiting to pick up.

For you, I will bloom

Whatever the season. 

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