‘’See, all this one you people are talking about, is only little compared to mine’’ Ade retorted.

‘’So, do you mean our ambitions after school isn’t as significant as yours, is that what you’re implying?’’, the light skinned girl sitting opposite him enquired.

This was all happening in a class room at St. Gregory College during their lunch break, as a group of trios gathered around to discuss on their expectations of life after school. ‘’Guys, calm down, It hasn’t gotten to that’’, David the cool headed one among them intervened. He knew if he allowed Ade and Ruth to continue this argument, then the discussion would lead to more bout of arguments.

‘’ This your big dream that can’t be compared to ours, what is it all about?’’, He queried Ade who was already simmering down his anger towards Ruth. That’s was one of the good things about having David around, he finds a way of restoring peace to situations such as this.

‘’Ehen as l was saying, after school I would take JAMB the next year, I can’t imagine going straight into the University the same year I finish my WACE, I can’t kill myself. I would be choosing the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, to study Medicine. I can’t wait to roar as other Lions and Lioness on campus’’.

‘’Hmmm, this one deep o’’ David hailed him in bid to hear more from him.

‘’Yes naw, after that I would be one of the most influential figure in the medical field, and marry one of the MOST beautiful women in the world’’ Ade’s face beamed with smiles as ended his speech.

Ruth was still trying to comprehend how Ade’s life pursuit is better compared to hers. She had told them earlier, that after their secondary school education, She would travel around Nigeria, visiting Aunts and Uncles for at least one full year, and finally write JAMB to study Theatre Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, where her Dad graduated from some thirty years ago, after that she hopes to find real love on campus, not this child’s play between herself and Bolaji, her so called boyfriend.

After that she would go into movie acting and become one of the most famous actress in the Nigeria.

‘’Wow! You guys have big dreams o, I’m even scared of saying mine after hearing that of yours and Ruth ’’.

Smiling at his long-time friend, David, who has been his friend since their junior days in school, Ade responded, ‘’Baba talk jare, you can’t listen to ours and tell us yours’’

‘’Okay, here it goes: You guys know that I wrote JAMB while we were still in SS2, and I scored below 200. So I would be taking it again this year, I have been studying harder for it than the previous, this time I wouldn’t chose the University of Ibadan, but the University of Lagos to study Mechanical Engineering .

The requirements of gaining admission into UI is more competitive than that of Unilag. I can’t afford to write JAMB again. After that, we would see how things go from there’’.

Three years down the line, there was Ade studying Laboratory Science at Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra, after two failed attempts of trying to gain admission into the University of his choice, either due to his low performance in JAMB or writing exams prepared by the school.

Although he reluctantly accepted the admission into the Polytechnic due to his parent’s persuasion, so he wouldn’t have to stay home another year writing JAMB. He hopes to pursue his University dream after his National Diploma at the Polytechnic. 

Ruth finally settled in Jos with her mother’s sister. She helps out in selling cloths at her aunt’s boutique, receiving monthly stipends as an acknowledgement of her labour, she would be sitting for WAEC again this year, as she had failed in previous ones because she couldn’t not earn a credit for herself in Literature-in- English, which is a requirement to study Theatre Arts in the University.

At this moment, she could only hope that she’s not cursed, because most of her mates are already in one tertiary institutions or the other, pursuing their dreams.

This would be David’s second year in the University of Lagos, studying Mechanical Engineering. He hopes to get inducted in years to come into the profession, so he would be listed among certified Mechanical Engineers in the Nigeria. 

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