Chronicle of kitchen (Episode 1)

Chronicle of kitchen (Episode 1)

While growing up I detest any kitchen activities, not because I’m not always hungry but washing of plates is a big dilemma for me.

The gist is, ever since I started this #NoSoftDrinksChallenge, I’ve always tried to make sure my dinner is ready before the dark hour (7pm-8pm) especially when the PHCN seize the light and the only option is to make use of the rechargeable lamp.

Last night I was sitting at the verandah in front of the house when the breeze took over me in a natural realm.

“Adeyemi, Adeyemi” mom keeps calling repeatedly.

“Maaaaa” I answer and steps inside.

“Ehnehn” mo ni kin beere ibi to lo laaro ni, pe, bawo ni (I called to asked you about where you went to this morning).

“Dadaa ni ma”, I replied, pretending to look “worried and tired”

“Olohun a se yori” (the Lord will perfect it)

“Aamin ma”, I sound more weak.

“En en, mo ni kin nbere pe kini ka je laleyi” (What should we eat for dinner?).

I thought she was going to do the cooking, since I told her I’m weak. So I quickly say, ewa iganyin ati dodo ti da (beans with fried stew, and fried plantain is fine).

“Iyen naa da” (That’s nice). She said and gave me money to go get the plantain and pepper. It sounded fair to me, so I didn’t complain. I was thinking it was going to be division of labour, that she’d be doing the cooking, since I already went to bought the “eroja” I didn’t know I have been placed on “handicap 2.”

I come back home with all she sent me after trekking and inhaling the unappealing dust that have evaporated the whole atmosphere due to the weather and fleets of cars passing at that hour of the day.

And next thing I heard, was Adeyemi lo gbe ka Ina (Adeyemi, go and put it on fire). Immediately I heard this the cool evening breeze that has been helping me to massage my brain and cool my nerves earlier, turns to the oozes of fire that escape from bakery.

The flood of sweat that oozes out of my skin is beyond this world.

After an hour of battling with the recipe and other things needed to be added, it was tasty and palatable.

Please, kindly help, I need some volunteers to help ease this work load off me. This kitchen work is not my calling at all.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and cracked up on this ‘Adeyemi lo gbe ka Ina’ …. When are we expecting episode 2?

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