There has been an upsurge all over the net for a few days now that was link to social phobia in South Africa, which has got to do with the killing of Nigerians in Diaspora. My heart bleeds just like loops of tears fell from my two eyes all the way down to my cheeks to make me taste the agony my brothers are prying over there.

Fear gripped me as the thought of history labor under my spine to bring me back to nature. Is that this not the African country Nigeria once fought for? Is that this not the same country Nigerian’s Prime Minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and other non-white Commonwealth Prime Ministers in London, forced the white lead South African leaders to quit the Commonwealth for his or her unpleasant treatment of the black Africans.
It was clearly seen that their leaders are in support of the attack; as a matter of reality their force never tried any action to curb the case. It was expressed that Nigerians were too many and are taken possibilities and competing with their citizens within the labour market making life tough for the son of the land.
Nigeria why are you not being honest along with your people? Why not let your own son get pleasure from the life they deserve? Why not providing a facultative atmosphere for your people? (Must they go to Diaspora before they enjoy life?) Why don’t you allow them to enjoy the dividends of democracy? Make your own soil fruitful for the habitats.
In 1984, The UK expelled our diplomat (Ambassador), declared diplomatic row and froze out Nigeria both politically and economically for two whole years simply because we tried to abduct OUR OWN citizen on their soil. This was a mere abduct attempt that they couldn’t even formally prove was signed off on by the Nigerian Government o.
Yet today, after many incessant xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in SA, we are sending “ENVOYS”. Our people are being marginalized, maimed and killed in another country and that we are sending “envoys” to ask why. The envoys would take two days to reach SA wherever they’ll wine and dine SA politicians and come back to mention they have secure not to bonk again. Isn’t this the proper time for us to take a seat back and engage the government to make this country a much better place? How many South Africans can you identify in your street, estate, town or region? What has the government done to the apparent unfortunate expertise of our citizens in South Africa? Didn’t the president met with the South African president in Tokyo last week?
Did he mention social phobia to the president in the slightest degree aside from the photographs he took with him? Destroying their investment here in Nigeria will solely cause additional damage than sensible to the country, considering those that will lose job. As a matter of truth take into account the entire variety of individuals on the road searching for job, what is going to happen to those operating in their establishment in Nigeria? Don’t destroy their investment rather destroy those that make your land inhabitable for you. They didn’t see Nigeria as a threat in any way, so they don’t mind any action we’d take; we are simply a toothless dog.
Lastly, Nigeria democracy might have come by bloodless negotiation, however one issue is definite Nigeria resolution shall come obviously accompany bloodily revolution.

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