Introduction to beyond the limit

Don’t hate the Woman, they’re not Enemies.


This time around, I gat a big aim;

I’m ruling the world and Christ’s my real name

In this journey to King-dom, I got a decision

To reign. Ti’s backed with determination.

With poignant clarity, I remember

How I suffered from Gethsemane to the Head-line

So, the deeds of the past is still in my head.

It’s not in my heart so that I can move ahead.

“You know what to do; you’re going to make it.

But while you do so, make sure to hail me”

For this reason, lots of people hate me.

Yet, He still has my back. He’s the Rock of Ages.

He made me a promise and He stood by it.

On the go, just tell me and I will do my thing

‘Cause from Heaven every sons are sealed.

He even gave me min’sters who stand by me.

Once in a while, my eyes are red

‘Cause of what I could have done,

If I didn’t break a leg.

But the greatest of fans is the Joy inside

And the Angels of mine are Virgin spinsters.

With Wine and Oil, they’re very eager.

And the littlest of them preaches 30 converts…

… a day, or so they used to say

Man, before Genesis you’re formed. It’s no sin to go beyond their limit.

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