Men have come and walked the shores of this earth

They did mighty things but most are not rewarded.

The ones we heard and the tales told of their acts

Surpass the archives of formal writing by far.


We learnt of the ancient ones from far away times

How they dared the fearsome being called death

In search of wisdom, and keys to kingdoms.

They endured pain and denied selves of the pleasures and lust of the flesh.


They got wisdom and understanding since they sought with all their heart.

The way is opened to all but only some walked the path

Most who did dishonoured the Lord of the earth

And by this foolish act, they set the earth off course. 


Sophia blinded them to the reality of the maker

And that their death was but a shadow of things to come

The pain that gave them the wisdom of this world, which is temporal, 

Became the pride that led to their downfall.


He’s had the glory since the beginning with the Father. 

To remain God while his crafts perish is not His way. 

For Love is he in entirety and love covers all sins


Many they be that saw the same law of life

That living only begins when one dies to be reborn

Others walked the path of gods and chose to be “deified”

But he retreated from Godness to die for all. 


There are many who saw the same thing coming

Only one was willing to avert the impending calamity

 Twas sacrificial but he loves what was loved. 

The victims were too foolish to recognise their own Saviour.






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