Don’t lay hold of me so I can lay hold of me.
Leave, Fear, let me be who I always am.
Let there be Light to dispel my fears.
Come, Thou Spirit of Power and set me on high.

It takes bravery; whether it’s the rope around the neck or poison in the body system was chosen to perform the task. I’m not timid but my courage has limits. My ideas scare me. Most of the time, my thoughts trouble me. I question convincing Truths and challenge proven facts. I’m just scared to allow what I believe to fail me. I’m afraid it might not go well or scared of what – afterwards – might happen. I hope for every good thing while dreading the consequence of bad outcomes: the possible shame scares me. I put in my best to everything. Suddenly, I will stop. I hate to see that someone or something else, apart from me, decides my lot.

Isn’t it fear that perverted humility and gave it a description that is exactly opposite? What is the best description for the one who leaves? Such will not even stay to be recognised for a job well done. Fear is the darkness that denied me the ones I excelled in struggle to preserve. Look deep and find that the difference between here and there is Fear, and not pride. Who will resist Grace? How can we deny Wisdom? What can withstand Power? Is love yet to be perfect? Behold and see how Fear comes and render other virtues invisible. The Veiled and the Word produced me but I am afraid to so declare. I fear criticism from the very ones I love. I watch, therefore, as Ignorance and Confusion prey on them. Fear stops me every time from supplying the Answer.

How can they be convinced who have chosen what to believe? Is there really anything to show those who have chosen the path to follow? These, I realize, as I ponder on the fate of all men. The living are either afraid of dying or the dead are scared of living. We’re all afraid of death or life. In fact, those who love darkness do so because they fear the Power of Light.

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