Under The Tree Edition


Seems I’ll spend most of my time at night under this tree.

My normal routine at night is to be indoor doing something important best known to me.

But something happened that made me step outside with annoyance.

I was being sent on annoying errands by my mum and siblings just because I was the only one inside.

Then I was like, if I’m not inside you won’t sha come send me those messages outside.

So I stepped out leaving my phone inside charging while I sat under a tree opposite my compound.

I was happy I stepped out sha, enjoying the cool breeze and seeing people enjoy themselves at night.

But, something caught my attention.

There was this girl who just started selling Indomie, yam and egg in front of my house.

She started today to be precise.

Before I tell you what happened to the girl, let me briefly tell you the discussion that was going on under the tree.

Men playing draft under the tree, talking about how a man named pastor won close to #30,000 from playing snooker through gambling yesterday.

There is actually a Barber shop where people play snooker and also gamble with it.

This particular Pastor of a guy is a good player(according to them o ), that he wins their money most of the time.

But he has a weakness, which was he likes talking to much and get annoyed quickly

So what they actually do to him was, they tease him to make him annoyed, which makes him starts talking to much and in the process he starts playing rubbish.

As he plays rubbish he losses his money.

They know they can’t beat him, but they highlighted his weakness and used it against him so well.

See tactics… I was just smiling.

Other discussion was going on like, how Arsenal FC are now in the top 4 and so many other topic.

I was just smiling and observing. That i said to myself that there is nothing better than seeing people express themselves from close range.

(See people playing draft shouting tubor in my ear, lol)

If you have read to this length, then it is quite interesting enough.

Just continue reading.

Now about the girl selling food just outside my house.

Remember I said, there is a place they play snooker just beside my house right?

In this snooker shop, there is nothing less than 15 guys in that shop playing and gambling with snooker.

So what she did was to find a particular problem and proffer a solution

*The problem*: Guys in the shop are most likely always hungry after playing and playing. And you know what they have the money to pay.

Some just won some cool cash while gambling, and also for you to gamble that means you have money. ( I’m just being realistic here)

*The solution*: Prepare foods that can be easily prepared, sell to them and make money.

Simple as that.

This was just how I was seeing the scenario playing out right in front of me.

I looked around trying to see if there is any close competition, but there is none.

Makes sense.

I don’t know who helped her do her market research or if she did it herself but the person did an amazing job.

In space of 2 hours she has sold almost all she prepared.

That is how wonderful, a good market research can be.

What she is actually selling could be a flop in another environment.

That is why you need to know your target audience, what is the dire need of your target audience.

In all, study your target audience, do a proper market research before venturing into any business.

PS: See me looking at the girl like an economics student that I am. Will she be able to make her Average Variable Cost this night??? Iykyk

Let’s write, let’s learn


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