Memories of tree

Memories of tree

In the beginning

Adam breathe in oxygen

And breathe out carbon-dioxide


Tree grew in capacity

It produced the healthiest of fruits

How green it was! In the beginning

Adam fed on vegetables

With consciousness of life on land

And life under water

He grew stronger by the day

Peace cuddled earth


Adam breathe in oxygen

Oxygen as refreshing as a soothing spring

Tree never held oxygen from Adam

Adam graciously paid each mole forward with carbon-dioxide

Adam needed tree to survive


Adam found his missing bone

Offspring sprouted forth

Offspring knew no tree

They dug carbon off the ground

They cut tree

To make shed

They never bothered to replace tree

Storm came and swept off offspring’s shed


Offspring breathe in less oxygen than trace

Oxygen became warmer than a glass of brandy


In search for wealth

Humanity unchained his bane

Oh humanity

Will there ever come a time you cease to exist?




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