The smiles never left, in the day, the night, in anger, sadness,my family always knew how to bounce back smiling ❤️I love that about my family, there was enough love to go around and money too 😂😂 with an neurosurgeon as a dad although sometimes we became his neurologist when he broke down from stress😂mum was a paramedic 🍃what more? yeah I had a younger brother too ❤️he is so cute!!!my parents had him last year and he has started walking 💯people say younger brothers get very annoying when they grow up, I’ll enjoy every moment before that, I mean that will be 10or 12 years from now and I am 17 years already 😌I bet I will soo busy to notice a change in attitude anyways. I guess that was the perfect definition of a picture perfect family right????
But it’s 17 years and no one knew the burden I had been carrying… the vivid dreams like someone was calling out me, wailing to be exact saying I should pay my part of the deal. the slithering sounds I hear when no one was with me 😫the disfigured characters I saw at school, at home, on the streets, they kept coming to me saying something about a deal… I knew no deal! I don’t even like betting games. Once in a while, I lose myself and it seems like I would go back in time to a meeting room and I would sign a deal, the content of the deal looked blur, I tried to stop myself everytime, but my fingers seemed like they were glued to the pen and my feets were made of steel. Unmoveable. Everyone around me would scream words like “it’s for the best” and laugh hysterically they were all dressed like the 1920 with top hats, funny dresses like they wore in the time of Harriet tubman, Abraham Lincoln and all sorts. some Africans were there too but I can only name the dresses partaking to Nigerians, the gele, bubas, and beads at the other edge was a man more like a silhouette, in black, his hands fixed on a stick, his eyes glued on the paper and he would mouth the words that tore my soul every time…. remember your part of the deal…. and I would get back to the present. Well my best friend knew this part of the story and suggested either taking a look at my family history or I was just hallucinating, of course it wasn’t the second neither was it the first my parents are so transparent about their lives, there were no secrets……..

I needed to lose my self, to forget, glass clicks, bass drops, the music thinned away from a distance, the fility smell from sweating bodies, all those didn’t appeal to me, I needed to forget, it has been a year. I am 18 now, an adult I think, my parents think I have bad friends making me go to clubs and look like a fithy whore… I needed to forget but it’s etched to my memory, I had been warned, the deadline of my deal was coming,if I did not pay before the deadline I would lose everything I loved one by one, like they were peeling each layer of my skin till there was none left, I finally told my parents was going on and they took me to a psychiatric saying I was going through a phase, maybe I was and I blew it off, , I held on to the belief that I was hallucinating,i guess they had to prove themselves……

We were going for drama camp last year, packed our bags, got enough money for trip, food and any other neccesity we will need, Kora didn’t want to go neither did she want me to go, bad stuff will happen, those were her words, she kind of had this intuitive feeling every time bad stuff was going to happen to me and they always did, most people would have found it weird but there were more extraordinary things happening to me than that, I didn’t listen, I needed to see Ava duareny one of the biggest black female filmmaker in the industry she was my role model, I needed to speak to her or just get an autograph. Dad warned too, he said he had an uncomfortable feeling, mum and I thought he just didn’t want to let me go, he was sad all through the week,he had to let me follow my dreams because thats what good parents do right? The due date came and Kora and I kissed our parents goodbye, dad and Kora shared a knowing look, a look that said many words I didn’t understand, it looked like a look of goodbye,not just for camp for something else, but the excitement and dreamy experience of camp brushed the thought away.. We shared camp beds just like we did every year we came to camp because I was scared of the dark, this time the drop in temperature that came with the darkness was worse, it was like my nerve endings were losing their touch I couldn’t move, I knew they had come again for the deal, but this time I knew they came to ask for some thing, a price I couldn’t pay….. The chilly breeze blew past me, I tapped Kora, she mumbled some words and her breathing ceased…….I had lost my guardian angel

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