Alter Ego.

Alter Ego.

I remembered  a boy in my class named “Anu”,

The dude as I could  remember  was a deviant  he didn’t  believe  in what most people  called modesty. 
He lived as he wished, and even though  we were still in junior school  and we were at least  meant to be obedient,
He was the opposite. He had no friend, he needed  no one, he was sufficient for  himself and he believed  in himself  like most of us do in religion. 
I remembered  there was a time our health  science  teacher  asked us to bring  out our note  to check  how neat/rough  our  note was,  this she said  was a way to know  those who had been reading.
I was  scared and nervous  as I  would  probably  get spanked if she sees  how clean my note was but fortunately  she got to Anu  first  and she saw how clean  the guy note was.
She asked aAnu  why his  note was like that, and he replied  “It not my fault  if you think  my note needs to be rough  to signify how hard I’ve been  reading,  it’s  not my fault  I love my stuffs  arranged in a neat way and it sure as hell not my fault  if you reason  in a funny way”.
The whole class became silent  and I swear  we could  hear the noise  of silence in the class if there’s  anything  like that. 
Anu  never  let curiosity  go,  he never nodded in affirmation if he doesn’t  understand  what our teachers  try to make us understand, he asked questions when all the class member squints their eyes trying  to get the teacher  to leave  the class. 
There was a day  we caught  two female in our class involving  in a sexual kind of act. 
We were all irritated and we shamed them, they felt so ashamed I was sure they would  prefer the earth open up and swallow  them, they were crying  and I could  swear  that was the first day Anu yelled at the whole  class and told us  to let them be.
He said  we were all hypocrites  and no one  knew  what we did  when we were alone.. I recall he was right about  that  as I was still an addict to masturbation.
I didn’t  love the dude,  hell I despised  him but now that I’m older and I understand  that there’s  more to life than  I had always  thought.
I decided  to ask about him and probably  check on him.
I checked  our school photobook and I couldn’t  find his name  anywhere and it wasn’t  surprising, I labelled  the guy weird as he might  have done it intentionally. 
I moved on to facebook  and search  for him but still to no avail, I called  one of my old friend  and asked after Anu  and he told  me there was no such person  named  Anu in our set. 
  • And that’s  when it hit me.  There was no “ANU” it was all in my head, an alter ego  I created, an alter ego I wish people  would  act like.

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