Rape problem is about boys,men!
Domestic violence is about men!
Raising boys right….
It’s a gender problem.

I’ve seen a lot of these like sentences,  while it’s not totally  wrong,  it’s  not always  the gender issue.

We are Humans, we cut down trees and make paper out of it to promote  planting  of trees. 

The only  difference between  a man and a woman  is the anatomy and physiology of the body. It takes both a man and a woman  to make life. 

 A mother  would  be so caring, she’ll  work extra hard just to give her child the best care she could  afford  and the same title “Mother” would  not care about  her child. 

A father would train  his child  to respect,and be a model character  to the society  while  another  father  would become  a deadbeat dad  and torment his child. 

Do you understand …

The sickness  that makes a lady  take the life of her own kid? 

The bitterness and pain that makes a man beat his own wife? 

The ignorance  that makes a lady lie  about  been raped. 

The sickness that makes a man rape. 

There are lot to go around,  I don’t  mean to be insensitive  and there is nothing  that would  justify the violence our ladies are going through. 

And I realize  the only way to keep a society  sane is by facing the bigger threat, which is the human mind.

Irrespective  of gender,  human are either good or bad.

All is takes is a share of responsibility.

Doing  your part,  taking  the baby  step to make the society  you desire see the daylight. 

Be the good kind we need to  save the world.


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  1. I love this. “Its not a gender issue, humans are just sick!”

    Rightly said.

    That line: We are Humans, we cut down trees and make paper out of it to promote planting of trees..
    I’m so tempted to steal it!

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